A Brief View of the Latest Crap I Watched on TV

Thursday, May 1, 2008 |

So I am finally finished with wearing my dumb white scrubs to hospital clinicals. Amen Hallelujah!! Which reminds me

Here are some blog topics inspired by my hot mess scrubs:

1) Industrial strength fabrics are not meant for human fashions. They are meant for making sails for pirate ships and trampolines. You should never wear fabrics that hurt your skin or mimic the qualities of cardboard. Just make comfy ones and replace them more. PLEASE!!

2) Unisex does not mean it fits both sexes. It means it is made for men and the chauvinist pigs are too lazy/sexist to make an outfit created with boobs and hips. Women are expected to suck it up and just look bad....and stay in the kitchen dammit. Unless you're on the pole. In which case they seem to care to design female form-fitting fashions. How self serving.

3) Isn't it nice to have a pair of pants or other clothing item that almost fit when you're in shape that you are forced to wear all the time as a bitter reminder that you are getting fatter.

Ok moving on from the scrubs to the hot TV topics I have to comment on.

Dancing with the Stars - Cristian de la Fuente's poor arm!! I am so disappointed he got hurt. I first saw him on my fave show Psych and thought he was hilarious. And after seeing him on DWTS he seems to be like the nicest guy ever!! I so wanted him to win. Actually I want everyone this season to win- and I want Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough to just publicly make out already.

The Gathering- so I watched this on Lifetime about a guy(Peter Gallagher) who thinks his wife has been kidnapped by a coven of witches. SO BAD. It's really hard to say which part I despised the most. The yummy noises while crusty old Peter Fonda made out with a woman he brought back out of a coma who was married to someone else. Yay. Old people making out! With sound effects. Or maybe the best part was when Peter Gallagher was confronted with the fact that his wife was a practicing witch and he was all......yeah.....I knew we had different religions but what's the big deal? Priceless. So true to life. Why should a person think twice before marrying a Methodist or a Wiccan. That just means we'll shop on a different aisle at whole foods right? Who cares??!!

The Office- the past two weeks of crappy almost proposals are KILLING ME. I just had to say it.

Law & Order SVU - I can't decide whether Robin Williams is creepier when he's funny or serious. I pick funny as more creepy. When he gets going at trying to be funny he makes me uncomfortable. Anyways, this week's episode raised an interesting topic. He was trying to empower people to make themselves me heard against the establishment. His wife had died in childbirth after the Dr. wouldn't listen to him about a C-section and he let the Dr. do what he thought was best. The bad part was that he was calling and impersonating a police officer to a fake Mc Donald's type chain and had gotten a manager to get a female employee and lock her in his office and strip search her himself while he waited for the fake officer to arrive. So of course the manager gets arrested for assault. The manager was Scott Adsit from 30 Rock and he was GREAT at his part. So funny when he found out how stupid he was to perform a strip search because he had phone permission. The other civil disobedience type silly stuff that Robin Williams encouraged was interesting and not criminal like that. They had a public pillow fight and a moment of freezing into statues at a train station. Silly but disruptive. He had a good point about not letting people walk all over you but went about it all the wrong way.

Ok - so that's about all I had to comment on.

Here's another current event- Go you Mariah Carey with the marrying Nick Cannon thing if its true. Rrrrrraow! True cougar style. After being with a much older man like Tommy Mottola you should get a young hottie! Although having watched Cribs I find it hard to believe that any man will move into your pad in NY. What person wants to be with someone with a Hello Kitty Bathroom and like 5000 sq ft of closet space and no room for his stuff? I'm just sayin.


Alison said...

Hurrah that the white scrubs now wear the concrete shoes! :)

I cannot believe you watched a Lifetime movie about witches. hehe.

And Mariah Carey's closet is insane! She also has a home theater with an entire mermaid theme to it. Yeah . . .