Athletic Shoes that Rock

Saturday, May 3, 2008 |

Today I had a bizarre experience. I went to Academy to get myself an additional pair of sneakers. I have been a "one nice pair of sneakers" girl most of my life. I have kept the old demolished pair for muddy activities and camping. But now.....entering upon my chosen field I need to get scrubs and more than one pair of sneakers.

I tried to hold out till after I graduated and I have had the same pair since I got back from my mission but they were getting too pathetic after so many years, so a few months ago I caved and got one new reasonably priced pair.

So now I've got the ICU job. I've got a few pairs of scrubs to start off with. I was ready to go and unleash my love of shoes with reckless abandon. I assumed that my passion would apply to all coverings for the foot. Au contraire said fate. Sneakers are not as cool as heels. Touche' fate. Touche'.

I was overwhelmed with my options. I couldn't decide. I thought I wanted blue ones. They didn't have blue ones in my chosen brand. I don't want ones with too much white to avoid stains. No luck. Almost every pair was mostly white. It was driving me crazy I tell you. Then I found a relatively cute pair that are mosty aqua and brown which will match my one pair of brown scrubs. One pair. This is against everything in my nature to buy sneakers to match one outfit. Anyways. It felt wrong despite how right it feels with heels. There was a pair with mostly brown and one with a little more white mesh and the brown. Same brand. They feel identical- its really a fashion choice. BUT the browner pair costs 55 dollars more. NOT EVEN KIDDING! I hate stupid sneakers. I ended up just leaving because I was frustrated.

It was just DUMB. Really expensive price differences for no discernable difference in the shoes. Ugly colors that don't match. Plus the fact that half the sneakers right now look like they're for the space program. I am just not into this purchase. I think I will wait til after I am off of school. It made me grumpy. I could have gotten a killer pair of boots for the same as one pair of shoes. And those sneakers are not giving me the same sense of hot and sexy shoe satisfaction that pretty much any other style of shoe would. Maybe because sneakers make my ridiculously small ankles look even stupider. Sneakers are not a good look for me unless the pants reach all the way to cover the top. Forget you sneakers. I am waiting until I find some that make me say "They will be mine, OH YES! They will be mine."


Rhia Jean said...

Sneakers aren't sexy unless you are running in them. :)

Alison said...

I totally agree that it is NOT as much fun to shop for sneakers as it is to shop for heels. sigh. I love shopping for heels.

Erica said...

I run in my sneakers!! Just not marathons. I the mall. I run...towards chocolate. YIKES. Marathon. Not gonna happen. I'll stick to neighborhood jogs and the good ol' elliptical.

Erica said...

My dislike of long-distance running just reminded me of a favorite childhood memory. You know Pepe Le Pieu and his kitty girlfriend?
My BFF and I were like 12 and helping her mom going up and down the stairs with all the piles of laundry and we see her little sister(5 or 6 at the time) who'd been torn away from her cartoons come up the stairs and she goes "Le puff Le puff" after she gets to the top. We almost peed ourselves. So CUTE!!!!!!

So now one of my favorite signs of exhaustion is the "Le Puff". It shows you'e tired, but with a lot of Euro-style.