Peeping through my fingers doesn't work so well for reading

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 |

Ever been so creeped out that you needed to be with another alive and friendly human being in order to read a book or watch a scary movie? It's a necessity sometimes.

Back in college I was in a late night showing of "What Lies Beneath", maybe it wouldn't be super creepy by daylight, but our filmstrip got messed up after like 5 minutes of movie. Just where it got a little creepy. Then an hour later they restarted the movie and we didn't get out til like 2 am. I am telling you......driving through a completely empty small town in the middle of a weeknight after a creepy roommate and I were so glad we had each other. We screamed out loud multiple times. So embarrassing, but alone- I can't even imagine how awful.

When I watched "The Grudge" my friend Rindi and I had to take breathing breaks because the movie was so intense. I also lost some skin on my leg to her nails. I think we needed an actual male presence to handle that one. It would have been much better. She is also the person who let out a blood-curdling scream in The Village before anything happened that made everyone in the theater start laughing at her. She also bruised my thighs with the nails (that time I had jeans on).

I bring this up because I have a most-likely very lame show DVR'd. I have had it there for like 2 months now. My sister and I are determined to watch it together for moral support. I think it is too lame for my dad though. There is always the fear though- what if it's not lame but really scary!?!?! My sister and I are about as effective at relieving each others fear as Shaggy and Scooby.

And the most pathetic of all is the need for moral support while reading a book. Unfortunately I usually don't realize I am thoroughly freaked out until it is like 2 am and I am alone in the dark house listening to the AC and some mysterious rustling outside my window just as the AC turns off. Then I sit in bed sure that there is a mass murderer peeping at me. And my heart races and it takes me an hour to go to bed. ARG!

This happened last night. Reading about an undead librarian chasing young academic researchers through the library stacks and stalking them all over Europe apparently seemed more of a reality at 2 am last night. Now I feel stupid. But I will most likely get freaked again tonight. I may have to just stay up suuuuper late and finish the book so that there is closure and I know good triumphs etc. I have a bad feeling that may not be in the cards though. YIKES!


Alison said...

I get scared too easily. This is why I do not watch scary movies. (I can handle Interview with a Vampire--it's actually pretty funny now--or an M. Night movie, but uh, that's it.) I am a complete wienie with the scary stuff. This is also why I hate any amusment park that is not water-themed or regular Disneyland level, I hate being nervous or scared, even waiting in line.

JaneHeiress said...

Yeah, I can't take horror movies either. The Sixth Sense was about all I can handle, and The Village was scary enough the first time. I know a lot of people thought it was dumb, but when someone laughed in the theater during the part with the creature in the woods, it made me even more scared. Which makes me wonder, what made her scream outloud? And what book were you reading? Undead librarians, huh? Wonder how closely I fit the bill.

I remember watching Psycho as a freshman, and it didn't scare me while watching it but man, that weekend with my roommate out of town...

Rhia Jean said...

No, it's not just you. I was exposed to some pretty scary movies when I was a kid and then developed some retarded habits as a result. For instance, after seeing Children of the Corn, I swore off corn for a good month. I wouldn't eat anything that was made from corn. After seeing Psycho, I would take a shower and peek out the curtain every 5 seconds to make sure no one was going to attack me. Then when I was in college I got back into a scary movie kick and watched Scream. I couldn't sleep with my back facing the bedroom door for a good long while. That has nothing to do with the movie, but it creeped me out that bad. I just don't watch them anymore. I'd rather laugh instead.

Erica said...

The "scary" part of The Village was when they are on the watchtower and a person walks by underneath. Not scary. She just got startled I guess and wailed like a banshee and tried to impale my legs with her nails.