Yet Another Crack Induced Dream? Or Future Reality?

Thursday, May 1, 2008 |

So last night I couldn't sleep much cause my side hurt like heck. My mom and I are assuming I pulled something trying to walk shelter dogs on saturday who were not used to walking and tried to run as free as the wind blows when we got out the door. They were big doggies too. Anyways. Legs hurt, sides hurt.

So in the few initial hours of sleep before my pain woke me up.....I had a bizarre dream.

We were all at Sam's place for a party and everyone was sitting in a circle. People would get into the middle and tell stories or perform a talent to make us all laugh. More and more people kept arriving until it was like 75 people crammed in. I had just been watching the performers and I thought to myself that maybe I would do something but my mind was BLANK. No talent at all. And with more and more people.....I had no desire to be the center of attention.

I was trying desperately to think of how to entertain such a large crowd. Should I sing something? No too cheesy. Should I sing something badly on purpose? But what? Maybe tell a story? But what story? ARG!!!! (somehow the fact that I probably don't know anyone who is amazing in the entertaining area escaped me- in my dream there was all kinds of funny stuff being done in the circle by people I know are relatively lame in real life) So as I am contemplating what on earth I could do, I see Jermaine and Bret seated across the room. I think to myself "How the HECK did they get invited here?" and then suddenly my anxiety is much worse. I MUST do something funny as a way to get to introduce myself. Then I can get a funny boyfriend!! YESS !!! I could be your most beautiful girl in the room and we could eat kebabs! We could get married and wear business socks. AHHHH WHAT TO DO???!! My caliber of funny is just not enough in an on demand performance!! But I never thought of anything and then I woke up.

Tragedy. I am sure I would have received marriage proposals from them both had I just sang an Ashlee Simpson song or told some why I win the "worst date ever contest" stories. Or I could have done my fabulous karaoke to Bust a Move. Easy-peasy. What was I thinking in my sleep?!! Geez.


Alison said...

"Then I can get a funny boyfriend!! YESS !!! I could be your most beautiful girl in the room and we could eat kebabs! We could get married and wear business socks."

This too is my aspiration! Erica, how did you read my mind??

Oh, and that party sounds accurately socially awkward . . . if you know what I'm sayin'. ;)

Alison said...

P.S. I like the new picture. It's cool looking.

Tamara said...

One time (in Rhia's and Sam's presences) over at Travis' house, Adam did a spontaneous impersonation of Marky Mark. My sides hurt from laughing...not because the impersonation was any good but because this lanky white dude from freaking Illinois knew the words to a Marky Mark song. It was in mockery that we laughed, and not it envy.

Anyway, the moral of this story is that spontaneous rapping is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. Especially if you attempt to dance while doing it and happen to fail miserably. If you need any other party tips, as you can see from the above, I'm your girl...and at no charge, b/c we're cool like that.

Erica said...

Tamara, I'm glad you have the hook up. If this ever happens in real life I will totally call you and you can tell me how to further humiliate myself in order to amuse and enchant cute funny men.

WhiteEyebrows said...

Now I know what we'll be doing for my birthday party this year... or maybe this was a foreshadowing of the American Idol party we are going to be having THIS MONTH! (It is "dress like your favorite AI character", you know)

Erica said...

Does this mean I'm invited to the aforementioned Partay?

Also....there are some key issues with re-creating the dream party.
1) Getting my future hubbies there

Yep that's pretty much the main issue.

I guess also that I should mention here that I worded things wrong in the blog. I accidentally left out a word and wow it made me sound harsh!It's not that I don't know anyone entertaining. It's that the specific people who I saw in my dream singing and telling jokes are not that funny in real life. I am not mentioning names here to protect the innocent. Once again- not blog readers anyways, but oh well.