Friday, May 16, 2008 |

This is my precious doggie Holly who is now chasing squirrels in heaven. She was pretty much the bestest dog ever. Smart. Licky. High Maintenance. She knew what you wanted but she wouldn't do it. Just give you a dirty look and then demand you pet her more. She was a HUGE Diva. I miss her tons and am anticipating the day when I can get a dog again when I move. My point is- I looooove dogs. I love pretty much all animals except those with scales. I am apathetic to the scaly ones. The only reason I am not a vet is I figured being allergic to cats was not a plus and also I CAN'T STAND animals in pain. It makes me insane.

So here is the main reason for this blog. Those unfeeling wretches who are behind the programming at what they slyly call Animal Planet, but is actually viewing for future serial killers(fyi for the uninformed- huge link between killing/hurting animals as a child and serial killing as adult). Supposedly the concept of Animal Planet is that people can't get enough nature shows about the lair of the mighty eagle, or the migration of the wildebeest in winter, or the slightly violent shows for the little boys who love fighting- When Guinea Pigs Attack! They need more animals. They need them so bad they need their own channel and they should call it a planet. So they got Meercat Manor and other shows where you test out different types of pets. And animals training shows. And straight up animals competitions.

Then suddenly the sick reality TV craze hit. And I want to know WHO thought that people who love animals needed more shows where they are abused or tortured or in visible pain and agony? Thank you sooooo much for endless episodes of Animal Precinct where they find all of the hovels full of sick, maimed, neglected, and half-dead animals or the pit bulls after they are abandoned for dead post-fight. Or-joy- they confront the people who are abusing the animals and fine them or speak harsh words to them before returning their animal two weeks later. Or you can watch the lovely Emergency Vets- slightly more watchable because sometimes there is a joyous reunion between owner and pet after the pet is better. But half the time it's an owner bringing in roadkill and getting the bad news. Or seeing an animal just suffering and crying while the doctors work on it. AAAAAHHHHH! I can't STAND this stuff. What's next? CSI Petco? How on earth is seeing hurt pets part of any sane programming plan to cater to animal lovers??? It makes NO sense to me. And do I watch Animal Planet- almost never. Except the Puppybowl during the Superbowl halftime. If I'm flipping channels I can't flip fast enough to get past the whimpering.

Someone needs to rethink that channel. It is catering to two totally different audiences. They need a cute fluffy informational planet and a violent gore planet. And the two should not cross over. The orbits are separate and support different life forms.


Rhia Jean said...

You should write them a strongly worded letter.

Alison said...

I agree with Rhia. I VERY strongly worded letter.