My Hero

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 |

Friends I have two mental images for you.

1) A superhero with a monocle.

2) A lady love who navigates by sonar and makes dolphin noises to locate her man as he rescues her.

These are the elements that we included in our conversation tonight as we watched the original Bruceman. I mean Beetlejuiceman, I mean Batman.

I wonder if the reason Lois Lane could never tell Clark was Superman was because she was too proud to wear the Vicki Vale half-face covering glasses. Astigmatism and vanity has kept many a man's identity secret.

I heart the wilfull suspension of disbelief.


Alison said...

I love how glasses are suppose to be a disguise. I agree that Lois needed the glasses more than Clark did. :S

JaneHeiress said...

A monocle is hot stuff, IMO. Although I can't think of a superhero who has one.