My Nerd Manifesto

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 |

I am a self-declared card-carrying nerd. To list some of my nerd accomplishments that you may not know about:

1) I was in Math Club in High School
2) I saw the rerelease of the original Star Wars as a special screening at 2 am on a school night.
3) I also was there for opening night of every prequel
4) I may have a passing acquaintance through a roomie to every episode and special movie for Babylon 5 and created a special swear word for Star Trek Voyager(which i didn't like)
5) I wrote a series of X-files comic poems and limericks for my nerdy friends' enjoyment.
6) I have attended Cons and read fanfic written by my friends.
7) I have seen a bunch of Anime. But I refused to learn Japanese. I draw the line.
8) I released a series of pics to my friends to countdown the next HP book. IN my Hogwarts uniform. I protest that being really really good at costume design makes me a nerd though. I think it has more to do with being good at fashion, but whatever.

So now that you all are ashamed to know me......I have another astonishing admission to make. I am really not THAT big a nerd. Besides liking math in high school(back when it didn't involve data entry) everything else was sort of.... for fun or to spend time with my friends. I didn't seek out the sci-fi world. I don't read sci-fi. I pretty much despise everything having to do with "fan-fic" actually. Ug. Ick.

How do I know I'm not a full-blooded nerd? Cause I have met too many of the genuine article to call myself one. HOLY COW! Last night I camped overnight at a local B&N to get a ticket to go to a Q&A session with Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, and to get a copy of her new sci-fi novel The Host. I love this woman. I am so excited. SCORE!!! But anyways. Whilst freezing my A off in my camp chair we had the fun of listening to all the true nerds around us. Rhia even contributed a random theory she made up on the spot to some high school girls' Twilight podcast when they were trolling the line for podcast comments. WOW. They had a group of people who sat and read their fan group's emails together on printouts for hours. We wondered if they had somehow gotten a copy of the new movie script, but no, come to find out it was far more pathetic than that. Rereading emails out loud for HOURS people, HOURS!! We also got to answer a three round quiz of questions that we are totally certain started asking us things that Stephenie Meyer never wrote about. IE- the poor nerdy girls have lost the line between fanfic and reality. It was SAD.

All in all it was a great time though. No sleep. Shivering uncontrollably. Eating leftover cake from the cheesecake factory. MadLibs. That's what she said jokes.

Then for me it took the ugly twist into really early morning Thai leftovers and more cake followed by later early morning fresh krispy kremes and cocoa and then diabetic coma and vomiting and remorse. But such is the overnight campout.

So um......yeah my point is .....I'm not the biggest science and math nerd ever although I am nerdy.

And even though I typically have a "get thee hence Satan" attitude towards sci-fi I am all over this new novel like white on rice. Like cheese on macaroni.

I shall blog later about the questionable nerdiness of my others interests. Or maybe never. Cause reading, archaeology, and ballroom are not nerdy yo. Why justify something that needs no defense?


Alison said...

Power to the nerdy people!

I too do not really like Sci-fi and I don't read it, EVER, but I'm real excited about the book.

JaneHeiress said...

Hmmm, if you have read Ender's Game and still don't like Sci-fi, that's all and good, but if you think you don't like Sci-fi and haven't read Ender's Game, read it and re-evaluate!

I want to go to an overnight fangirl party. Alas! We don't even have a Half-Price Books here :(

Erica said...

No half price books = life not worth living ...yo.

Ok - maybe I'll read Ender's Game at some point....but I bought some books yesterday and got the new one this morning so it may be a while. Like a week or so at least.

Rhia Jean said...

Nerds rule man!!!!

Gabby said...

I'm a nerd, and I like it that way. So, yeah, I watch anime, and have attempted to learn Japanese. I have gone to sci-fi/fantasy/anime cons AND dressed up (but mostly as cute anime characters -- mostly). I love to read fantasy, but normally don't care for over-technically-written sci-fi. I love sci-fi shows, AND, actually, Voyager was probably my favorite ST series. What can I say?

AND, I write fanfic. But I write it well. I currently have three going, but am trying to finish my Stargate one first (it's what the peeps want).

AND, I don't really think of costuming as nerdy. I think it's COOL! Yay, nerds unite!