I Heart Breakfast Deeply

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 |

Here is the yummy quiche itself!! Be still my beating heart!
I was still feeling cruddy this morning and had to go to graduation rehearsal in McKinney at 8 a.m. ARG! So I forced myself to go no matter how much I felt like I might die. Partially because my classmates would have killed me. Seriously- 2 years with only 3 missed days of school. And NOW I'm gonna miss? Not gonna happen. And the other reason I dragged myself? FREE CATERED BREAKFAST!!! Oh yeah baby.

Is there anything better than a truly scrumptious breakfast?

On the menu this morning were:

Quiche Tarts with spinach and this spicy tomato stuff in them, or spinach and bacon and cheddar
Pastries with cream cheese and cinnamon

Pastries with lemon curd and sliced strawberries on top

Fresh Fruit Salad

A tray of like 5 kinds of Bagels and like 4 kinds of sliced breads with 3 flavored cream cheeses



Coffee for the heathens

Drool. I may still be feeling slightly sick from early Tuesday morning's thai noodle/krispy kreme debacle, but trust me. I did the Panera justice. You can just kill me the day I turn down a spinach quiche wrapped in a fresh flaky pastry crust. MMmmmm.

Now the problem is that it has made me crave more breakfast food. More Panera and maybe some pancakes and a breakfast burrito too. And some Jamba to wash it all down. No way I could eat all that. At once. Maybe. But my tummy tells me it wants it all NOW!

The beast has awakened.


Alison said...

Tolberone. Snickers. My children have been giving me my weight in candy for Teacher Appreciation Week. It's all very sweet (eh, get it? candy. sweet.), but it's just tooooooooo much (I think I may barf). A quiche with spinach, however, that sounds delightful. I really need to go try that sometime. Will you come with? ;)

Rhia Jean said...

Have you tried the bite size quiches from Costco? They are delectable. Did I spell that right? Delectible maybe? Not sure, but you get my point.