Wednesday, March 4, 2009 |

More pics of the pup called Roxy!

Shaved belly courtesy of gettin fixed.


See all my pretty colors?? I'm a fluffy brindle!

It's a girl! My new puppy- freshly washed and home from the SPCA!!!! 

SO I got robbed of a puppy this weekend. Not once but TWICE.

I found out that I can't have new puppies at my apartments complex so I need to get a dog like...yesterday to make sure it's old enough when I move in. I am not one to be forced into dog-motherhood by outside forces, but I found the cutest dog ever online this Friday night. Her name was Molly(more on that) and she was a pug-chihuahua-terrier mix which translated to looking like none of those breeds, but a sweet teeny white and tan English bulldog with a smooshy nose. SO STINKING CUTE!!!!

So I go visit her at Petsmart Saturday morning and long story short I made it to the top of the list and she was mine. Only prob- all prospective parents need a home visit from the rescue agency. They were supposed to stop by and look and leave the dog with me right after the Petsmart event closed. So I waited at home. Dee deee. Check hour passes. It sure must take alot of time to pack up puppies in crates.....crickets chirp... paint dries... So finally my mom produces the rescue president's card out of her purse which we have been looking for for an hour. I call her. Where is Molly? She don't have your dog yet??? Let me call the lady who was gonna drop her off.

So ten minutes later......OOOPS!!! The lady drove your dog over to the house of another applicant further down the list cause she got the applicants order mixed up. Sorry!!! Want an adult chihuahua consolation prize?? No? Ok bye!

So I miss my evening plans waiting around and don't get my precious dog. Woe is me. What a disorganized pain!!! My heart is ripped out. Blah Blah.

Then like an hour later she calls again. wanted the pug Molly right? Not the shepherd Molly? I say yes....the pug was supposed to be mine. So she says........OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I made a huge mistake. We didn't give your dog away!!!! I can be at your house ASAP if you want!! I say no- you can just come tomorrow. That's fine. So we arrange to meet at noon.

I go buy my dog a collar and leash, food, a bed. And spend all night thinking of puppy names and typing up a list.

So this morning at 11:30 she leaves me a voicemail that OOOOPS!!! She did give my dog away. And OOOPSSS!!! A tragic accident this morning killed the brother of my dog so there's no other options. And she can't talk now- she's too scarred by the accident.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!!??? I mean she got me mad the first time she screwed up. Really mad. But to call me and reconfirm I was actually gonna get my dog and still be mistaken???I mean- how did she confirm that she still had my dog? I am not sure how you can be wrong about still having a pug among 10 chihuahuas. Especially after spending an hour double checking. And to share the unnecessary but painful info that the other puppy died???

My heart got ripped apart 2 times for NO REASON!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

So basically had she been competent in any way I would have gotten my dog at 5 yesterday and the other pup would have gone to a runner-up applicant. But no. She screwed up so badly that not only did the wrong people get my dog, but one died at her house???

Also- apparently they thought they were being cute and cashing in on "Marley and me" and had a litter of pugs(mine) and a litter of shepherds that they all gave the same names all starting with "m" so they were all mollyies and marlies and maggies etc. And they had leftover M chihuahuas from other litters. Ummmm....I think anyone could have said that was a stupid idea. They couldn't even keep track in conversation at Petsmart of who they were talking about.

If I am in a pissy mood for like the next all will know why. She has messed up all my "happy places" cause my calming thoughts usually involve cuddling with dogs, and the prospect of my new apartment. Both of which are now tainted.

And no, I don't want to go to the local shelter and get a pit bull mix to fill the void. And yes I have tried to find another cute small dog on Petfinder today and they are all ugly and awful and have behavior probs cause they are the Sunday night leftovers.

And to all you a-holes on craigslist......NO, nobody wants your 3 yr old lab/pit mix now that she's badly trained and you are sick of her and also NO, nobody is gonna take her off your hands AND pay a "rehoming" fee of 500 dollars!!!! What the?? A rehoming fee?? Sorry Billy Ray, your idea of how to get more drinkin' money crapped out.

AAAHHHHHHHH!! The humanity!!!!!!!!