So Let's Dance the Last Dance

Friday, May 9, 2008 |

Why must dances be so lame sometimes? It's not that dancing in and of itself is not cool. Or that white people are doing the dancing. Sometimes it's greatness.

Tonight was brought home for many of us that the music is crucial to a dance's success. Miss Karen and I tried our best to dance hard despite how lame/ undanceable some of the music was.
Apparently (another ward hosted) the music was dropped off by leadership and only song numbers showed up- ie- they had no clue what the approved songs actually were. If no one danced they bumped it ahead but couldn't guarantee what it would be.

And I had a conversation with a leader tonight complaining about the lyrics of the music in the Guitar Hero/ Rock Band rooms. Seriously. We might as well resign to the fact that we can't listen to anything but ballroom music and just all learn it. Then we wouldn't have to worry or hear swear words in the Lord's house at all. Except from boys playing sports. And the special people I referred to in another blog.

There seems to be a strong correlation between censoring and lameness of dances. I am not sure why this is. But it is true. I have been to really squeaky clean dances that were way fun- but not censored. And I have been to supposedly censored dances that were dirty awful- but LAME.

How can our dilemma be solved? I also think many people who do not dance(and have not ever danced) are having input into the music being approved. They are approving music that you bop your head to in a car but that you cannot actually dance to. It DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! Seriously. One time I went to a dance in Denton with Erin C and I was like.....OK the DJ has on a white jean jacket with an upturned collar and you can tell he is trying to recreate the soundtrack to an episode of the OC. It was all Emo-esque beach tunes. AWFUL. Great for a car, but to DANCE? They had a packed dance with no one dancing all night. It was heinously awful. Such a waste.

Apparently I need to find another form of social interaction and getting my groove on. Sigh.


Erin said...

UGH!! I had totally forgotten about the OC dance! That was truly painful. I still can't believe that the DJ didn't realize he was the ONLY one enjoying the music and that NO ONE was dancing... Some people are just too obtuse for words.

Molly said...

Women who know don't play Guitar Hero. Didn't Julie Beck say that???

Just kidding. I still twitch when I think of that one.