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Saturday, April 5, 2008 |

Hey Fwiends! It's a less-drug-induced thought from your good old pal Erica!

Today Erika P. and I went hat shopping to get ideas for a class she is taking later on and had tons o' fun! I heart hats. I would never ever wear them in daily life....or ever really....but DANG IT... you all KNOW I love costumes. And I will totally take any costume type opportunity to wear a crazy hat. They really seem to define characters so well. Take my Mrs. Peacock teardrop shaped 40's style number that I made myself. It rocked. I won the Clue costume contest and I give all the credit to the hat.

Today Erika P and I rocked Steinmart and Nordstrom Rack. Really the only stores we could think of with hats. So here are a few of my fave selections. I am putting ones of me as I have my own full permission to humiliate myself. I am putting my fave Erika P hat though at the end. Cause she looks so pretty she shouldn't mind.

Here is the many colored green slouchy hat. If I had bought a hat....this would be the one. You know I love green. And that it was slightly slouchy and many shades..... with a big flowah!! Hold me back!

Here is the Cruella De Ville hat. I was trying to look Ferocia Coutura obviously unsuccessfully. Yikes. Once again. How many times do I need to learn the lesson that sucking in the cheeks/= evil cheekbones. ARGH. Just looks like a I need a straw . Truly this hat needs a unspeakably fatal(black) outfit to bring it out. I wish I had thought of dressing up in a neutral palette for our trip instead of in the Erica-standard green+brown hoodie.

I hearted this hat too. I was like totally channeling Gatsby characters in this hat. It almost gives me an angelic glow if you will. Like maybe the thoughts inside that head aren't pure e-vil fr-uits of the de-vil. Ting! That's me flicking my halo!

And finally Erika P. Isn't this hat awesome! It's very feminine and flowy. But not huge. I have to admit I was all about the drama of the hats, but this was cute and simple. And Erika has dimples which make it look even more innocent than my hats. Not fair!
I really need to keep my camera with me more. I think I need to document all the hats I see from now on. Cause hat pics are FU-UN!!! Totally a party on your head!


Gabby said...

Sad! I'm sad I didn't get invited! I love costume-accessory shopping! Although, hats aren't my thing. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think they're cool, and I even bought some Vogue hat patterns (vintage-style), but hats, unfortunately, look awful on me. Except berets.

Alison said...

That Mrs. Peacock hat is even better than I imagined it!

Rhia Jean said...

I usually try to steer AWAY from hats because for some reason with my head shape I look like a cancer patient when I wear them. I am so jealous of how fabulous you guys look in hats!

Got Bombshell? said...

I love a good lady hat! I wear them quite often, though perhaps less day-at-the-horse-race serious lady hats like these, and more looks-good-with-a-sundress-or-hepburn-type-blouse breezy hats. I like the ones you found, though, especially the "gatsby" (my favorite book EVER, btw)!

WhiteEyebrows said...

Best hat ever = Audrey Hepburn's big white hat in My Fair Lady.


Tamara said...

I just have to say I'm glad I'm not British because I would absolutely covet all the women that got to prance around wearing their rad hats. I, on the other hand, would not be so fortunate as somewhere between my chubby cheeks, GINORMOUS alien like eyes, and weirdly shaped forehead, I can manage to make any hat, even the Gatsby hat, look ghastly. Sigh...