A Mo-Tab Carol

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 |

So ....ummmm.....maybe I shouldn't admit this but we all do it so let's come out with it.

I shamelessly people watch during the musical numbers at conference. I have names for my regular favorites. There's :

my friend's Dad with the mustache
silver cloud of hair lady
token black dude
pretty asian lady
really attached to her long hair lady
new young guy with auschwitz cheekbones

I'll just keep some more of these to myself as they really are pretty bad.

Anyways I am not one of those people who have a lifelong dream to sing with MoTab. Maybe this is linked with not wanting to go to the Y either. But right before conference someone asked me if I planned to move to Utah one day to sing with MoTab. I was all Heck to the No. SCANDALOUS!! But then I thought about it. And moving to Utah? Still a pretty big no. But Everyone knows a girl's gotta sing. And ward choir just doesn't cut it once you've sang dissonant operatic stuff.... the virus invades your system. I am managing the sickness right now because I just don't have time, but in the future? Who knows?

My true dream is to sing with Andre Rieu's orchestra if I was to abandon all for being in a choir. Then I could travel the world in pretty ballgowns and sing REALLY difficult classical and pop songs. And be in with an orchestra again without the stress of my own mediocre viola playing. My mouth is watering right now so I'll stop. But anyways...that's not likely to happen.

Look at this orchestra!! See the piddy ballgowns in bright colors!!! I am so there!!

But moving back to MoTab. Supposing I caved and moved and joined? This is where is gets all crazy surreal......

Who would I be? Cause you know everyone gets watched. I'm not sure I am up to that kind of attention/ridicule of my appearance. And moving to Utah will obviously start to affect my fashion sense and my hair will show it. Suddenly it was like I was seeing a ghost of MoTab future. This could be you Erica!!! Big Bangs but Flat Haired Dark Circles Under Her Eyes Chick!! oooohhhooooohhhoohhh!!! clank rattle.

Is anyone really ready to join MoTab? Yikes. Not me!

Not if there are people like me watching!! It's so much more complicated than just being able to rock Mack Wilberg arragements of hymns.


Rhia Jean said...

Honestly, I have never ever in my life wanted to join Mo-Tab. I'm more of a radio sing along singer and not an operatic/choir singer. My vocal chords and my facial expressions just don't work that way. But if you were in Mo-Tab and I saw you on TV, don't worry, I would totally make fun of you...and I would prompt all of our friends to do the same. ;)

Gabby said...

I once dreamed of singing with the MoTab, and even got more excited when I heard they lowered the age to 25. But, there was the whole UTAH thing to contend with, and then I learned everything you have to go to to even try and make it in (like taking some uber-crazy-music-theory-kickin' test). *sighs* Well, my untrained self was never going to make it. So, that was that.

And I make fun of them too, in a way, though I don't usually assign them names (though I have to other people). And my mom likes to point out all of the ethnic people, because there are not many of them. *laughs*

WhiteEyebrows said...

I will fess up... I would join the MoTab if I could.

First of all, I've lived in Utah for a long time, so (sadly) they are my people and I know how to handle it.

Secondly, I have sung with them and in the venues that they sing in, and there is nothing to match the majesty and brilliance of the acoustics in that old tabernacle.

Thirdly, they have the most kickin' repertoire.

Fourthly, I have several friends from college who are in it.

First, it's too big. with 320 voices, you can't help but think you are insignificant and just part of a mass.

Second, you have to always tow the party line. You won't be doing much of anything that falls outside the spectrum of faith promoting, doctrinally correct music.

Thirdly, snow. I hate snow.

Maybe someday when I'm on my fifth or sixth chapter of life I'll get to do it.

Alison said...

Oh, man the guy with the razor-sharp cheekbones and eyes that are a little too close together. Makes me think of a Billy Bob. Know what I'm sayin'? ;)

I do not want to be part of MoTab, but I would love to be the announcer guy if I were a guy. That seems like sooooooo much fun. hehe.

jenny said...

Ok, wait a minute.....

Are you thinking what I'm thinking??? I feel this strange feeling.....my hair....my clothes.....my voice................HELP!!!! I'm changing into a Utah girl!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

hehe, just kidding

I just finished Twilight and had a Jacob "phase" moment. hehe

But seriously. Just move to Utah. I can't take the whole state on by myself and slowly corrupt them with my wicked ways. This girl needs backup. Hello?? Hello?? Is this thing on???

Tamara said...

OK I'll fess up. The dresses alone may or may not be the reason I became a ballroom dancer in the first place...and I may or may not have urges to put the costumes back on every once in a while (would that I could fit into them!)

I think wardrobe selection is ABSOLUTELY an appropriate driving force behind dream chasing. I'll come watch every show just to be jealous of your dresses.