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I look totally identical to these people right? Ha! I got this from a facebook application a while back and I was like.....riiiiiight. But maybe a lot of people have really bad eyesight and I am the only one still 20/20.

I am getting inundated lately with people who swear that I am a clone of their friend, relative, child. It is getting mad crazy.

I have grown up with people saying I look like people ALL the time. My cousins would always tell me that I was a twin of their friend at school. My best friend's dad was seriously obsessed with me having my own TV show. He was convinced that I was secretly running off to Hollywood to star in the TV show Phenom about a girl who plays tennis( I tried to find a picture but the girl who played the star has NO pics on the Internet from back then- apparently even she is ashamed of what we looked like-rough). The period in life where I had braces was even worse because I looked like even more people probably.

This week at the hospital I had a patient's family absolutely determined that they knew me from somewhere. Then I have a nurse tell me I look just like a person she knows. They today I was at the mall and a girl at the Hallmark store was acting bizarrely and she said she suddenly gushes "YOU LOOK JUST LOOK MY SISTER IN LAW AND ITS FREAKING ME OUT!!!" She then tells me she had been following me around the store because initially she came up to say what the heck are you doing here and then realized I wasn't the sister in law and then flipped and decided to stalk me. Too funny. Props to her for honesty in the face of embarrassment.

So for reals. I had nicknames in Argentina for my celeb look alike and have had a bunch of friends over the years that have been obsessed with me being twinkies with people. What the heck?

This week the reassurances I keep having to give that I just have one of those faces have got me thinking....does everyone else have this problem? For reals. I wish I was dramatically beautiful with some trademark feature cause it's getting old to look like generic blond chick.

And you all KNOW I don't handle compliments well. Especially insincere ones!! Here is a little vignette from my life for your reading pleasure:

Friend1: "Freak Erica you totally look and sound exactly like Julia Stiles sometimes except..umm....you're much prettier"
Me: (Out loud) Ummmm.......Ok...Thanks. (In my head)- but fatter...go ahead and say what you mean...I do have eyes!

Argentinian Comp: Hermana I am so sick of the little kids calling you a teenage witch. I mean you look like her a little but geeez!! I know it annoys you so I will call you it too but you're not even close to a teenager. Hermana Sabrina the Old Witch. Muahahaaaaa.
Me: (all of it out loud)Thanks. How about the Old, Fat, and One Foot Taller Witch. It sounds even more charming.

oooooh....here's another fave.....let's transport back to junior high where it got truly depressing......

Friend's Family: Wow Erica you look just like Alicia Silverstone in that Aerosmith video where she's hitchhiking.
Me: Really?!!! But she's like way hot!!!
Friend's Family: I mean when she's hitch-hiking you just see her from behind. You both have that long blond hair and long legs. When she turns around not so much.
Me: oh. (knife twisting in heart)

So thank you friends and family for boosting my confidence over the years.
It's nice to know that I am almost attractive. Jerks.

Is it any wonder I like to have more red in my hair. At least when it's red I avoid more comparisons. Except for the one time this checkout dude at target(not JT) got all stalker-ey that I looked like Drew Barrymore back in college and wanted to come home with me. He must have been smoking the good stuff is all I can say. That's more than a stretch. That's a golden gate bridge there. I don't see it at all.

Anyways. I usually do find celebrities that I would cast as my friends if they made a movie of my life or something. Sometimes partially looks based but mostly they have mannerisms or personalities that remind me of my friends. I haven't found many people I would say have a body double or anything. Although I swear Kerry Marino Stiles could be related to Lisa LaPorta on Designed to Sell.

For instance let's see....off the top of my head....who have I cast.. I had a WHOLE lineup back in college.

Rhia you get to be Jennifer Elise Cox- the girl who is Jan in the Brady Movie. She totally reminds me of you. Teehee.
Jen - she does have a total look alike- she is Mary Alice on Ace of Cakes
Alison- I might cast Minnie Driver as you. She has sarcasm down.
Molly- I might cast Parker Posey- I am still considering
Erin C.- hmmm.......i know I had someone in the past now I can't remember for the life of me. Maybe Katherine Heigl. A nice tall girl :)
Aibi- well ....there is a funny asian girl on ace of cakes but she lacks the proper personality and energy I think. Maybe we'll pretend Aibi' has an accent and is 1/2 latina and not asian and cast America Ferrera.

Travis- there's a guy in a Verizon commercial right now who walks out of his house with the network following him. I just thought he looked like Travis the minute I saw the commercial.
Sam- maybe you can be the dude in rent. Anthony Rapp on IMDB. Red hair! Score. I had to think on that.
Steven Foulkes - assuming I make this movie a few years down the road..... I might cast one of the twins from the Suite Life with Zack and Cody. One tries to woo ladies and talks just like Steven. Hehee.
Nate- Steven Fry. Totally. Without the British accent he could be an older Nate.

I'm sure I have more.....I just can't think right now. Guys just aren't easy. I tend to only cast people I've dated cause it's easier. And then retroactively and either maliciously or sentimentally. Although I have to say I really don't feel as if I've actually dated a young Tommy Lee Jones or Patrick Wilson. Nor do I really see myself with a TLJ or PW. Ok maybe PW. That man is fine and he sings....mmmm. But I cast him to play my ex and not himself in which case...uh ...nooo. Maybe this is part of why I'm single. I'm dating the wrong actors. Hahaa.

Wow this is making my brain hurt. I really haven't played this game since college. And I mean the other time I went to college. We had sooo much time on our hands back then. We had an American cast and a British cast. wow.

My sister gets an old casting idea- she was always the girl who plays Stephanie Tanner on Full House when we were kids. I'd have to see what she looks like now. I think my sister deserves a recast after all this time. Maybe Blake Lively from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Ok I have procrastinated not doing my online standardized tests long enough.
Please feel free to leave a plethora of comments. I want to see your casting ideas. Or comments on my annoyance with my own appearance. Whatever.


WhiteEyebrows said...

The funny thing is, I broke my glasses this week, so I'm wearing my black rimmed ones again, which is TOTALLY Anthony Rapp a la Rent! I am walking around singing "La Vie Boheme" to myself.

I wish i were that skinny, though. He is a freaking twig.

I'd like to consider myself a cross between david letterman and anthony rapp.

Alison said...

I'm with you in thinking that I really don't feel like I look like anyone famous. But I do get two people a lot: Minnie Driver (so kudos to you for choosing the most popular one!) or Jennifer Connely (a la Labrynth). I think it's the face shape with Driver and the eyebrows and hairline with Connely (a la Labrynth). That and they both have dark hair, but that's pretty much it.

I completely agree with the casting of Jen and Travis. (I'm glad I'm not the only one that did a double take on that commerical, thinking Travis had gone all Hollywood on us.)

Erica said...

Sam- did I mention that I'm psychic. Hahaaaaa. I think I cosmically knew you were wearing your other glasses. Also he IS a twig. In your case the "but fatter" is not a oh snap for you but for him.

Alison- JC is not as sarcastic as I would like. Hence the Minnie Driver. I mean freak- she played a Russian Lounge singer in a Bond movie. She has a sense of humor is what I am saying.

Alison said...

Yes, she is funny, but I'm much funnier! just kidding . . . well, sort of. Ha! ;) (By the way, I wasn't offended by the comparison, it just wasn't a surprise.) Oh, and can I be mortified for a moment because I misspelled Labyrinth twice. Sorry!

Rhia Jean said...

I don't think I've ever been compared to an actress before, so I guess your analysis is the best one ever given! Oh, wait. No. I like to compare myself with 1) Josie Grossie from Never Been Kissed (I really was that nerdy in high school...and after), and 2) the girl on the bus at the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off that offers gummy bears to the principal. That was TOTALLY me!