Spicing Up My Bloggy Yet Again

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 |

So here's a new new format. I like that I have more space for the posts to show. I was getting annoyed with the other one being too narrow to read easily.

Now my prob is that I need time to figure stuff out. I want to put in a logo with my title so it has a better font etc. I also somehow lost the top navigation bar to go and directly create posts and sign in etc. Ooops. I got a little delete happy taking out art and logos I didn't want. I still have homework to do and the hospital tomorrow. YIKES. I don't have time to figure it all out now.

I had to go to the social security office today to get a replacement card because mine has been lost for a while now. Here's a fun little scenario for you. You come in and go to a computer and get a number. Then you wait to go to the window ......for HOURS. Is there paperwork and required documentation? Of course. But you don't recieve it or find out the requirements till they call you to the window. So basically everyone spends a TON of time at the window as the person watches them do paperwork and they dig and beg and plead because they don't have their stuff.

In my case I had the form pre-done online and I knew what documents I needed. My issue was- do I have to pay a fee and if so is it cash only? Was this info anywhere - NO. Did I want to wait 3 hours to get a yes or no question answered? NO. But I stayed anyways and I figured I was in a better place than 99% of the others there without the correct IDs.

Turns out it's free. I shall be receiving my card shortly. Hallelujah.

BTW while I was there bored out of my mind I played with my phone and on the Blackberry news page there was something about a version of Guitar Hero for the Blackberry!!! Thinking about how that would work logistically makes my brain hurt. Bizarre. I will have to check into that when I have time later. Also I accidentally set my phone off with Fergie singing Barracuda REALLY loud and nothing would stop it or turn down the volume. I couldn't even get my phone to turn off. The horror! I was just trying to google an area code to see what state had tried to call me. Who would expect my phone to jump to Fergie?!! Nothing like some crazy loud guitar into the silence.

This is just a valuable lesson for all of those who message and play online at church. Your phone could have a brain fart and start playing Barracuda in sacrament and then you'll be sorry.


Rhia Jean said...

Please tell me how you do all this cool stuff to your blog.

Alison said...

I like this layout better than the other one (although the other one was nice too). You're right, it's easier to read.