Surprise!!! I Heart Animals!!! Who Knew??

Saturday, April 19, 2008 |

Today's blog comes to you after one of those fabulous sunny Saturdays you dream about all winter. I have been craving a visit to the zoo and the stars lined up and fates collided etc. so my sister and I went today- on the most beautiful day ever. PERFECT. sigh. Hot enough to tan but not to sweat. C'est Magnifique.

So here's me with the flamingos. These were the less smelly flamingos(but not "lesser flamingos" if you are a flamingo connosieur- the lessers were the smellies- one wonders if their name comes from a depressive reaction to their name or the name from the smell/size ...a whole chicken/egg debate could ensue I am sure)

Here's my sister at a total photo op I found. Hello perfect framing??!! I am the bomb. What a supermodel.

Here's my fave aminal (yes that is what I call them sometimes because they like baby names- it makes them feel loved- just like sometimes I say paskettios because that makes them taste better). Isn't he a beautiful creature!!!! I want to pet his velvety fur and hear him purr like a kitty and call him Mr. Knightly!! Except he would devour me. Slight flaw in hugging furry aminal plan.

Here we see a hungry hungry hippo! He was hungry for both food and love if you get my drift. His mate was getting worn out with swimming away from him. See the blob in front of him-fat hippo legs pedaling under water as swiftly as possible. That's her with a headache, dirty hair, work, family visiting this weekend. He is either clueless or very persistent. Poor hippette.

And here we have the "Chargrilled Aging Porn Star with Beginning Stage Emphysema on Obligatory Day out with Angelically Cute Progeny". She was walking along screaming and cussing in the loudest 2 pack a day voice possible. Angel Child: Mommy- wewe's the wion? CAPS: Somewhere else right now- maybe in his den. AC: Wewe's de Den? CAPS: HOW THE %^%&SHOULD I KNOW JUST MOVE TO THE NEXT ANIMAL!!!! MOVE THE #&^$#& ALONG OR I SWEAR I'LL&@*& DRAG YOU @&#(@#& GET YOUR @*#@*#&*@ MOVING!!!!!

Notice her natural coat. The FFF Cup size bra with completely see-through tank. The natural stance of the CAPS is tilted slightly forward as the front of her is too heavy for her torso to support.

Since I blacked out her face for privacy's sake you cannot see that fact that her face is that of a 50 year old. SOOO BURNT OUT FROM TANNING. ICK. I wish it had been her grandchild but it wasn't.

There are many more animal pics. I heart them so. I love all the furry ones. Not so much the feathery ones or the scaly ones. Definitely not the creepy crawlies. I really really love the mammalian in water ones, but you gotta go to SeaWorld to see them. How I love sea lions and otters! And dolphins. sigh. As with all trips to anywhere to see animals I want to bring them home with me and cuddle with them or set them free from their prisons. It makes me depressed to see them in stinky small habitats bored out of their minds. Then again they could be in Argentina either running free and attacking visitors or practically in a kennel. Don't even get me started on that zoo. Stupid mean monkey. I wanted to eat that peach. I still want it back. Jerk.

Anyways. Here's my zoo day. I also ate on the patio at Joe T. Garcia's and had a virgin margarita and fajitas. What a perfect day. Then I went to my fabulous former roomie's bachelorette and ate cupcakes and saw my friends I haven't seen in a long time. So fun!! And now I will go off to bed all toasty and tired from spending the day in the sun. Bliss!!! Oh, that all Saturdays could be so perfect!


Alison said...

Ok--WEIRD--I was in Waco this weekend and went to the zoo. I too witnessed a pair of animals engaging in a mating game of tag, with the lady making a run for it and the guy unable to let her out of his sight. (All I gotta say is giraffe, and I saw things that make me want to take a shower. Yikes!) :S

However, you must have been at a larger zoo to have found that triple FFF cup psycho hose beast. Those are very rare in Waco. Woweeewowwow.

WhiteEyebrows said...

hahahah... i'm still laughing over the poor strange lady - and feeling sorry for her accidental child she never wanted.

Rhia Jean said...

You never know what animals you will see at the zoo and what they will be doing...hmmmm.......
Word verification word is pazfz which is what the hippette was trying to say to the hippo and what the cute kid should have had the ability to say to his *ahem* mother..."Get the pazfz away from me crazy monster!"