Hey peeps. I had another bizarre dream last night (besides the Ashlee Simpson one) that I don't really remember, but it woke me up and I remember thinking to myself. I need to blog on this. Tryouts. Call lists. How did I HATE them and how glad am I to not have tryouts like that now.

Living in Texas, I tried out for my fair share of stuff. I was in choir in elementary school but that was no stress. That came in Junior High. I think the reason I had an unnatural hatred of tryouts is that looking back- I got shafted. A LOT! I tried out for Athletics in seventh grade. I made more baskets than anyone. I smoked them all in volleyball. I had a history of playing softball, soccer, and gymnastics. I think my one weakness is that I didn't run as fast as some other girls( I HATE running for no reason) but I was like top 3 on every other category. YET- somehow I didn't make it. Thinking back now I know something fishy went on. But it started my hatred of tryouts. Then came Tennis tryouts(don't even ask) and endless orchestra sectionals(at least they were over quickly) and UIL performances, and then the mother of them all......drill team tryouts. Like 3 years of them. Kill me now. I think of drill team every time I hear Garth Brooks singing Unanswered Prayers. One of God's greatest gifts was not making drill team. Amen Hallelujah. I am grateful every day. The teacher was angry at the judges for picking crappy dancers their daughters knew and I was all up in arms, but now I am like....THANK YOU NEPOTISM!!!

Looking back it seems like I was constantly being put on public trial. I am SOOO glad I am over that now. I mean I have awful job interviews and other hard things in life, but nothing that compares with having a week of drill team camp followed by teenage girl in life/death anxiety during the actual tryouts.

It seems like now as an adult I would be better equipped to deal with that type of stress. It's sad to think how much I worried about things that I now have so much perspective on. It is also bizarre to think how much of life it determined when we are young and don't know what we are doing. I mean....what if I HAD made athletics and thought that my gift in life was sports? How many of my nerdy pursuits would I have never even had time to try? Or thinking the opposite way....if I had been in sports would I be in better shape now? Hahaa.

Oh no wait. Crap I played soccer in high school. I guess I have no excuse other than laziness.

But anyways.....I was having some deep thoughts. Maybe I would be on my toes a bit more about life in general as an adult if I had those constant public humiliation opportunities like I did back in school. Or do the public humiliations and competitive atmosphere keep us from gaining maturity? Hmmmm. A thinker.

All I know is that my lazy easily-stressed out self appreciates no one making me show them what I can really do in front of my peers. So I probably don't have opportunities to shine but I am also saved from publicly tanking. Ahhhhhh sweet mediocrity. I salute thee.


Alison said...

I was such a chicken in school about trying out for things. (I had some major self-esteem issues that I didn't really completely start getting over until I got to college.)

I was in choir in middle school, but when I learned that I would have to try out in front of the junior high choir director one on one in order to make choir for the next year, I nixed that persuit. I thought about trying out for the tennis team in 7th or 8th grade, but assumed that I would have no shot since I had never really played tennis (other than hitting the ball up against the wall when my sister would practice), and because sports were competetive in Duncanville. Little did I know that tennis was not exactly on the same level of standards as basketball (D'ville's claim to fame, well along with the marching band); I totally would have made the team. I seriously considered trying out for the swim team and even started practicing at the pool so I could make it (I LOVE swimming), but then I let my insecurities get to me when some of the snotty swim team girls were less than kind about what they thought my ability would be. (I decided that I didn't want to be a part of something where I wasn't wanted.)

Looking back, though, like you said, I got to do all kinds of other stuff that was much more fun for me, like polishing my sarcasm, particpating in a medical co-op program, and writing. :)

I'm with you, though, I'm glad that part of my life is O-V-E-R. :)

Alison said...

Wow. persuit=pursuit. My spelling is sooooo bad.