The Texas Polygamist Roundup Ye-haw!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 |

Ok.......I may have been born in Cali but I have been in Texas for all of my school since 1st grade. My formative years are Texan. I love my state. I love barbeque. I love bluebonnets. I love the Alamo. I love Braums. I went to Texas A&M.....arguably the biggest cowboy school in existance. I don't really speak with an accent unless I try, but when I let it out I can sound truly Texan baby with a southern draaaaawl.

Why is this important to know? Because I am honestly embarrased that the Polygamists came to Texas. When I go to the CNN webpage and see that they are reporting from the San Angelo area it makes me a little nauseous. Why did the wierdos have to come to my beau-tee-ful state and pollute it? And give all the Baptists more ammo for the next Mormons are goin to HELL sermon. As if they didn't preach enough false doctrine about us already!!! ARGG!!!!!

This is the state of the independent soul. The free spirit! We used to be another country dang it!! We still as a state have wayyy more authority over what happens here due to the terms of the treaty when we became a part of the US.
In short.....TEXAS ROCKS!!

Polygamy ...Doesn't rock. Warren Jeffs is scary gross. Yuck. Shudder. As an actual Latter Day Saint I don't have any sympathy for the fundamentalists' gross male leaders forcing 13 yr olds to marry middle aged men. That's child abuse straight up. In fact I am confused that they didn't just completely change their church's name when they broke off!! HONESTLY PEOPLE!!! And yet as a Latter Day Saint, they feel like I should be shamed into feeling sympathy or something since we had polygamy in our shared past so long ago. I admit I feel a kinship with those girls in long skirts-since I wear sleeves and knee shorts. That's about all. I feel sympathy for any religion with extreme tenets for the followers' daily life or a history of persecution due to my own family history and beliefs. Down at Texas A&M we learned alot about Judaism at our Institute of Religion because our director was close friends with the Rabbi. We had a great friendship with the Jewish Students. I had a Hindu friend growing up. And some hard-core catholic girls. People who really live their religion tend to be my friends regardless of what religion it is.

I have to say though......polygamy is a controversial topic for LDS people. They're hitting us right where it hurts. We can't deny that our ancestors practiced it. We haven't been polygamists now for over a century. And we believe in obeying our national laws. And it's against the law here. Who even cares about the law- I don't think we would arrange underage marriages or wear pioneer clothes and live in connecting trailers in any case. At least I shall never do such a thing. That's the fundamentalists own invention.

The truly appalling part is the forced marriages of underage girls -that is the most heinous part and the part that is most totally NOT from any shared mormon past. How on EARTH could any one say that is OK??!! Marriage is by choice. Anyone who is forcing people to do anything- especially underage girls- is NOT practicing any type of belief system that is based on the same things I believe. Individual right to choose in your life is the most basic part of my religion and always has been. It makes me sick that those dirty old men twisted doctrine around and made new stuff up until it became part of getting into heaven to let a old lecher knock you up. There couldn't be anything more wrong to me.

Thinking about it makes all kinds of words I'm not supposed to say because I'm LDS come into my head. I become filled with the urge to beat someone. I want to be a lawyer just so I can prosecute them and lock them up. I used to work for a domestic violence shelter and I am very very sensitive to the topic of abuse. No fundamentalist better try to get ANY sympathy from me and play off our shared origins of religion. Our religions couldn't BE more different. They might have come from alien pods for all the common ground we share if they don't acknowledge the prophet and they abuse kids. Nuff said.

So anyways it's getting late and I have tests coming up. I probably shouldn't rage endlessly on this topic, but I had to say- LOCK THOSE BASTARDS UP!!!!!!!

If I know Texas as well as I think I do.......we so will.


WhiteEyebrows said...

Amen, amen, and amen!

This is one of the best posts I've seen on this topic. Kudos!

And all I have to say is.. props to TX. It appears that this is one of the most sucessful "raids" to date on these groups. I need not discuss the many gaffes committed by Arizona and Utah as they've attempted to sensitively proceed.

All I can say is, in Texas it is Live and Let Live, but we take the law pretty freaking serious here... if you dont' believe me, go check out old sparky...

Alison said...

Yes, lock the bastards up! Ew and gross. :P

JaneHeiress said...

It completely disgusts me that these people are even mistakenly associated with the LDS church.

Rhia Jean said...

The only good thing about them coming here to TX is that TX caught them and now TX gets to punish them. :)
My word verification word is jpquvqf which is the sound your brain makes as it sizzles under the electric chair. :)

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you this, but Warren Jeffs is exactly like Joseph Smith. Two liars who only wanted to control people and do whatever they wanted, while not for one minute believing there might be a real God to answer to for their behavior.

Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Jeffs and all the rest, are frauds.

No such thing as the Book of Mormon. No tablets, no special glasses, no angel. It was all just a story to get men and women to make it possible for Smith to lead the life style he wanted...just as the child molesters in the desert are doing today.

Erica said...

You know I thought about deleting Libby's comment, but honestly??!!

I think it speaks for itself.

What a super fabulously informed comment. I am sure that everyone wishes that like Joseph Smith they could live a lifestyle of poverty, persecution, betrayal by friends, and eventual death. Obviously he made our whole religion up just for the perks.

I am so glad I have been enlightened by an expert on religion like you Libby. Go get your facts straight.