Why Being Sick Sucks

Friday, February 29, 2008 |

Ok. Shocker coming up here. Being sick- it SUCKS. Hard. And now more than ever!

So I have been legitimately feeling like poo since Wednesday morning. I soldiered on and finished all my school stuff and then just crashed when I came home. I totally thought I'd be getting better by today. I mean hello? 2 full days of bedrest? Vitamin C? DVR'd TV and movies??

WAIT ....not so fast. Remember the writers strike?? I HAVE NOTHING DVR'd!!!! Nothing people!!! Isn't the whole purpose to have oodles of good stuff to catch up on when you are home sick??? GEEEZZ!! I am dying here at home. I am not watching the crap that is actually on!!!

You might say to yourself....Erica....why not watch a DVD or rewatch a TV show something? OK......fine. I rewatched 1 or 2 TV shows and the 1 of my DVD's that I had not watched in a million years. That took up Wednesday's early afternoon. Everything else.....pretty much watched already a bajillion times. Suprisingly enough, when I buy a DVD I generally watch it a few times so I don't have anything new and exciting. I have tried to not buy things I don't need while being in school. What was I thinking??

Anyways. I have been suffering both physically and mentally. So I told myself today I was gonna splurge and buy myself a new episode of a TV show off of I-tunes just to be able to survive. So what happens? I wake up this morning and my wireless is randomly down and trying to reconnect itself to our neighbor's network so when I shut that down I then have no network and it takes like 6 hours to get the stupid thing working again. IE- I was not able to watch the show(Moonlight- Alison shout out- Ain't no party like my vampire's tea party haaaay) until like 4 this afternoon. I spent the whole morning in bed pretty much staring at the ceiling, reading on and off when my eyes weren't watering. The humanity.

And what really irks me... why am I getting sicker?? I just had a cough and fever before and I woke up this morning with like the worst headcold ever? I am ADDING illnesses to my full plate.
This is not right. And why is this happening? I blame the writers strike!!

If I had been properly supplied with new episodes of all of my favorite shows then I would have been able to devote all of my body's defenses to attacking virus scum with my kickin white blood cells. Instead my body's immune systems was attacking my boredom level. And that is WACK.

Also I had to cancel my job interview(for my dream job no less) that was for today due to my SARS probably killing the poor kids in the Cardiac ICU. I got to reschedule(sigh of relief) but it wierds me to call in sick to a job interview. I can't think that it looks good for me. They said they really appreciated me doing it but who knows?

So anyways. Here I am. Looking like death I am sure... if my mom's alarm level is any indication.
Hacking up a lung. My head about to explode. Killing forests with my kleenex usage. And now writers get like a .00060% return after the first 30 million on proceeds of web downloads or some such crap according to Tina Fey on last week's SNL(my numbers are totally off- FYI- but it's that awful). I hope it was worth it you masochists!

I sneeze in your general direction.

And there are cool movies I really want to see coming out this weekend. ARG!! I am trapped here. OK- I'm heading back now to my lair. My head hurts.


Rhia Jean said...

I think I'd rather shoot my big toe with a small pistol than be in your position. I feel for ya sista!

Alison said...

Yes, it does suck being sick--it happens to me every three months at the very least. I feel your pain. However, I do have the comfort of my ridiculously large DVD collection to keep me company, so you're much worse off than I would be. Oh! And thanks for the shout out. hehe. I was laughing out loud. :)