How do I love job interviews? Let me count the ways..

Friday, February 15, 2008 |

Today I had my job interview for the NICU at Parkland. It was not bad at all. They never even asked me what my weaknesses were or what were mistakes I have made and how did I handle it? So the usual point where my interviews get awkward and awful never even happened. But there are 50 people being interviewed for like 5 positions so my chances are probably awful.

The manger than was going to interview me was running late due to her duties in the NICU, so I was waiting at HR for like 40 minutes. What a chance to people watch!!!!

You would think people would dress their best and behave themselves when trying to get new jobs. Heheeeeee. It kills me to think about it even now. I just hope that the other applicants for my job are as amazingly misguided as the people I saw today.

1st - I just gotta say this as a member of the fashion police...Navy Suit, Navy Heels, WHITE ATHLETIC SOCKS. I'm not even kidding. She's probably a nice person but all I could look at were the sagging socks. Moving on...

So - a man we'll call Mr Homeless Looking Foreign Nursing Student, or HLFNS for short, came in and starts berating the secretaries because no one has called him to interview him for any jobs he looked at online. He is wearing a baseball cap and jeans and a dirty overcoat. They are nice to him and say sit down at a computer and we'll help you find jobs that are still open. So HLFNS sits down and he has no profile on the parkland site. IE- he could not possibly have applied to any jobs online. He must have looked online and sent good vibes as his way of sending his resume or something. So the nurses tell him- you are a nursing student - you can only apply for internships. So he picks experienced RN jobs. So then they pull up the open internships for him. He applies to none of them. Then he starts asking why a job won't let him apply- it is a Nurse Practitioner's job. They put him back in the intern category. He then tries to apply for a job opening for a doctor. He also asked the nurses what NICU and PRN meant. These are terms that if you don't already know them, you certainly learn within 5 minutes of being a nursing student. HOLY COW!!!

Case study #2 - a woman walks in(in a sweatsuit with a scarf wrapped around her head) and asks is this where I apply to be a Nursing assistant? And the secretaries say no - this office handles only RN's and LVN's. You need to go next door to the general HR office. So she says I already went there and they sent me here(In LOUD MAD VOICE). So the secretary says......Oh- you'll have to forgive us - the secretary next door just started 2 days ago and she still doesn't know the differences in Nursing jobs between general and specialized. Tell her to look up CNA jobs in her office. So the Lady SCREAMS at the secretaries YOU PEOPLE NEED TO STOP MESSING WITH ME AND GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER!! And then she slams the door (seriously) as hard as she can. So the secretaries look at each other like whatever and keep typing.

Apparently this happens all the time. The secretaries were unfazed. WOW!

It amazes me (since most of the people I know are normal) how many crazy people there are in the world.

I told my friend Duyen, if I was competing with my fellow Collin County students I'd have no advantage at all in interviews, but if other schools apparently admit crazies....we might get job offers right away.


WhiteEyebrows said...

Wow... and those people actually want jobs there?

I know from the hiring side of the table, you put the mark of death on anyone's resume who acts like that.

I think you might have a better chance than you may think.