Playing Hooky

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 |

Word people. I am soo beat down from my recent homework/tests/ upcoming presentation and job interview. I took the most awful test of all time yesterday after getting like 4 hrs of sleep and then got home from school at like 4. I tried to relax and organize myself but i just felt drained.

So I tried to go to bed early to feel better. Then the awful storm last night struck. It was like lightning-ville outside my window.

This morning my alarm went off at 5 and I was like FOR THE LOVE!!!! NO!!!!!!!!

So as I was lying there in the rainy dark a million lame excuses for not getting out of bed ran through my mind. All of my reasoning did not work. So then I started calculating my grade if I missed and decided maybe I could risk it. So I realize I need to wait like an hour to call in to my teacher so she's definitely awake etc. Hmmm...what dread disease can I have that will get me out of today but back by tomorrow- without a doctor's note? A MIGRAINE!! GENIUS!!!!

So then I start to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and POW I fall back on my bed with dizzying pain and nausea. I poke at my temples and massage my neck.

Nope- not a strained neck, not sinuses. I ACTUALLY HAD A MIGRAINE. And then I am lying there for the next hour waiting to call my teacher and tell her about my real excuse now. And wishing for a swift death or for my drugs to work.

It's a real dilemma taking a caffeine OD pill when you know half the reason you probably have the migraine is sleep deprivation. SO I took some tylenol and prayed in the dark. And blamed the stupid lightning for triggering the seizure center of my brain.

So anyways eventually I fell back asleep. But I was wondering .....if I had not been such a bad girl would I have still had the migraine or was I cursed with the very substance of my lies? I have always been afraid of exaggerating an illness for the very reason that God would strike me down with what I was embellishing with to make me appreciate my health.

I spent my day sleeping, doing homework, paying bills, working tonight at the McKinney health clinic I am volunteering at cause I can't really call in there, plus there is no just taking a lower grade- I HAVE to have the hours there. But it was great. I heart the kids!

What a nice day all in all. I mean I did have to do necessary stuff all day, but it was nice to finally wake up feeling less crappy and and get stuff done at a slower pace than my typical weekend homework bonanza.

OOOoh.....And I looked online at the cutest puppy today!! My dad needs to get it for me. Bad.


Alison said...

So, do we look at this migraine as a blessing or a curse? Little of both? And you need the puppy so I can come play with it, but not have to clean up after it. hehe. :)