Who needs a Valentine?? Not I said the Super-Fly

Thursday, February 14, 2008 |

Happy Valentine's Bloggy!!!

Aww!! Stuffed Puppies hugging!!! Such was my valentines day!! Or as I like to call it "Cheap hallmark gift from your parents to pretend the occasion is not another reminder of their failure in raising you because somehow you cannot fulfill your purpose in life and just get married" Day. Wheeee!!!

The first part of the day stunk. I had a group presentation to do at school. Then after that was finally over I had to sit through this crazy rude woman's recruiting efforts for the UT southwestern medical center system. But we got free lunch.

Then I left school, finally a free woman. No major projects or tests for a few weeks. BLISS !! I thought just getting to sleep tonight would be my reward but I was mistaken.

Fate decided to bestow upon me a rare gift. A pair of shoes that were meant to be mine. Bloggy, do you remember me whining that I found my dream shoes back in December and when I went to buy them a few days later they were gone? I was devastated. I went back to Nordstrom rack like twice afterward that month looking for them. But to no avail. SO....today I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack to celebrate finishing all that stressful stuff instead of face planting onto my bed and losing consciousness like I might normally do. Plus my sneakers are worn down and 4 yrs old and pathetic so I was gonna see if they had any good discounts. And as I wander down the aisle looking for sneakers.....a light shone down from above and rested upon the bestest most erica-ey shoe mine eyes have ever beheld....other than my sexy red shoes which are slammin. It was my dream shoes......those minxes had come back to me!!! And it was the only pair once again. And in my size. AND 50% OFF!!!

Obviously I was being blessed for having survived all of the crap school is putting me through.
Ye shall only receive your shoes after the trial of your faith. Or the trial of your knowledge of Oncology, Chest Trauma, Biliary System, Hematologic Disorders, and Nursing Management of the Change Process. And the trial of your ability to survive without sleep.

Behold the glory........

THEN I came home and my mom had gotten me a card and my dad got me dark chocolate with marzipan ( drool). Then my sister brought home 2 Sprinkles cupcakes for each of us!!! I would have taken a picture of that too but the cupcakes disappeared as if by magic. MMMMMmmm.
I am a master of the disappearing cupcake illusion.
Uh oh...Time for an Obligatory Arrested Development Quote
"Illusions Michael...Illusions. Tricks are for Whores" (magic show music and magician hands go POW)
Ok Sorry......I got way distracted. I love me some Will Arnett.
All in all ...a totally rockin day.
There may not have been romance, but there was love and shoes and chocolate.
And now sleeeeeeeep.
Night Night Bloggy.


Alison said...

What is it exactly about shoes that makes a woman feel at peace with the world? It makes me happy, happy, happy every time, without fail. sigh. double sigh. Oh, girl, and those shoes are sooooooooooo cute. I'm totally jealous . . . and going to bed. :)

WhiteEyebrows said...

I just don't understand the power of shoes. Not at all.

Jamie said...

Cute shoes...what a score!