Financial Aid and the Single Girl

Friday, February 1, 2008 |

Dear Bloggy,

Please help me to figure out what to do. I am confused. Here's the situation. So ........I'm in school and can't work so I had to take out student loans. And I'm living with my parents so I can save more money and have less debt. The dilemma is this. How much should one beat one's self up for buying crap that is not necessary? Like entertainment. Or ummmmm.....Ok I admit I was gonna say clothes but you don't need to tell me. I have already bought too much so I have cut myself off in that aspect. Alright Bloggy....lay off... I thought we were friends. Those boots were totally cute and I needed a new purse and YES it couldn't wait 6 months. Anyways Bloggy can we get back to the subject......So what about a celebratory vacation upon graduation? Bloggy hear me out I have TONS of excuses.

1. Peer pressure- all my friends are totally doing it. I'm not going with my nursing friends cause all their plans involve binge drinking, but I bet I could totally find other churchy friends to party with me.
2. Timing- it may be the last full month I have off at a time for the rest of my life until retirement.
3. Reward- Bloggy I have burnt myself out and worked like a demon to get this freaking degree- I need a break.
4. Technicalities - I can pay for it a mere month later when I start working
5. Personal Happiness - If I always delay everything I want to do in life for practicality I will end up like my parents doing DIY projects because you can always think of a good use of your two weeks vacation at home. Shudder. Please Bloggy don't tell me never going on vacation is the right decision.
6. The Economy- Bloggy, I admit this is grasping, but with our failing economy my personal donation to the world of tourism may help a poor child eat bread for one more day. Or allow one shallow yuppie to keep their massive custom house for one more month before getting foreclosed. Really I need to exercise goodwill and faith in the dollar by spending some that I don't technically have yet. Trust me Bloggy- I have a degree in finance.
7. Terrorism - What if all the castles in Austria get blown up before I get to see them by some crazy Jihad attack on Austria because ...umm...crap......Ok I got it.......good one Erica......Wagner's unstable mental health caused him to create a beautiful castle dedicated to mythology...... WHICH does NOT include Allah. What then huh????

Bloggy tell me straight. Am I not totally justified? Give it to me Dr. Phil style. I can handle it. I am ready to take anything you might dish out, but I doubt you will. Obviously my reasoning is faultless. Most likely you will just have pity on me and give me some money to help a sista out.

Are you LAUGHING???!!!!!! Don't you DARE mention Suze Orman. I have told you already- I will be willing to discuss budgeting only AFTER I have an income. My delicate mental health is just not up to a close scrutiny of my finances at this juncture. I think I may cry Bloggy. I feel myself tearing up right now. Sniffle. Sniffle. No I am not doing this to manipulate you. My lower lip is not quivering on purpose and my puppy eyes are just shaped that way. I can't help it. I am sorry my crying makes you angry. So sue me. I can't even control my emotions...why should I be responsible if you obviously can't control yours. Fine Bloggy- everything's MY fault.

So ....ummm........are we done fighting? Yeah I hate it when we fight too. Somehow.... now I feel closer to you than ever though.

Bloggy- do you have any vacation time this year you could take in May?


Molly said...

I just snorted laughing, and read part of this aloud to spouse and mother. Mother said to make sure to go see Neuschwanstein.

On another note, I have morphed into the cheapest person alive. I forced myself to buy two dresses and a blouse at the Gap a few weeks ago because they made me feel LESS like a deflated beach ball left out all summer. Justification is an evil hag.

Lori said...

Erica ~ You make me laugh so hard that it hurts my stomach. Of course you should travel! Do what makes you happy :-) Your blog makes me happy . . . too funny!