Ok- I admit I am a recovering celeb gossip addict and I have cut myself off from all of the cutting edge/only possibly true sources I used to check all the time when I was a financial analyst/professional web time waster. I only check IMDB now with the occasional foray into yahoo entertainment. This is an amazing improvement.

With this preface, and also adding that I hate popstar gossip- I mean HATE- I was never reading Page 6 to find out about Mandy Moore or JT - I need to comment about Britney Spears.

HOLY SMOKES!!! Here I thought that with her dad being allowed to have her sent to the psych ward(Puhleeeeeeze help her) and fire her crazy manager that maybe her life would take a turn for the better. But with Cali's protection of rights she was back making her own decisions in mere hours. All that good work for nothing. And loser paparrazi boyfriend and manager were back on the scene and fighting her dad's actions.

Is there anyone on earth who thinks Brit knows how to care for a child? Having driven with them sans car seats, dropped them on their heads, fed them junk to bribe them and make them sick all day, and then held them hostage with her in a bathroom for hours, exposed them to her drug and alcohol use, exposed them to her hoo-ha.

Obviously it is a crime that she no longer has custody or visitation rights. Her celebrity is keeping her from getting justice. What would be the best way to keep her custody trial on the down-low and make sure it's unbiased? Did I hear make it a FEDERAL CASE??????

Honestly........if she wants to win her case she needs to be tried by like......Ok I'm drawing a blank. Um.........maybe if the jury includes Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, and Courtney Love. I'm not coming up with 12 though. And in all reality custody isn't a jury issue. And I can't think of any judge to let her off. Judge Reinhold? Mike Judge? Still not likely.

So since we have decided that her chances on a federal level are actually even more ridiculous, what if we take this baby GLOBAL!!! That's right ........I think the world could unite over a UN peacekeeping mission with talks deciding custody between K-Fed and Brit-Brit led by current secretary general Ban Ki-moon. Then all the previously divided nations of the world could all unite over the tragically bad parenting.

Britney is like the worst mother ever - don't you agree ??!!!
Estoy de acuerdo, Los ninos estan mas seguros con su padre.
Deve ir ao rehab
Amy Winehouse kann ihr Zimmergenosse sein
Qualcuno deve comprarlo alcune mutandine
Возможно она может одолжить underoos ее сынка
Pourquoi ne pouvez-vous pas laisser Britney seul ?
Ug- I knew the French would like Britney just to be contrary. Foux de Fa Fa .

And we all join hands and wear daisy wreaths in our hair and eat snackpacks under a magical rainbow of solidarity and different flavors of fruit leather.
Someday we'll find it....the rainbow connection...the lovers, the dreamers and MEEEEE!


Oh Brit Brit. It is so sad.


Alison said...

Foux de Fa Fa! Foux de Fa Fa!

My daisy wreath is ready--I just need the address of the magical rainbow of solidarity.

Rhia Jean said...

Judge Reinhold? E.T., you are too clever for your own good. And I just wonder if there are people out there that really care about Brittney Spears? Is anyone REALLY living from day to day just so they will find out what is happening in her life? Hmmm...maybe there are those people. Not me though. If there was ever any kind of trivia challenge pertaining to her, I would fail, not miserably, but happily. I would fail happily.