Testing their Boundaries?

Thursday, March 20, 2008 |

Do you ever wonder what is going through people's minds when they do things?

For instance, when someone who claims to be a mormon...with a large mormon crowd.... does something blatantly "against the rules".

I wish I could get back to non-judgemental "treat everyone like an investigator" land like when I was on my mission. I never batted an eyelash at people's pet sins that were out there and obvious. I was a total hippie peace lover.

Now I'm back in Erica-land and I'm all.....why the HECK would you come to hang with church people to act like this? I am fully aware many people are on their way back to activity and are rough around the edges. Investigators and new members are all working on stuff. To be honest we're all working on stuff and I know I have my uncharming moments.

My question is this...if someone decides to brag about really messed up aspects of their life or use bad language or actually do something messed up in front of members......would that be:

1) A cry for help

2) A really badly timed slip-up

3) Testing the waters to see if anyone else wants to join them on the dark side

4) Testing to see how far mom will let them go before she says STOP! like a little kid

Probably the answer to this question is to just let it go cause it doesn't matter in my life one bit. But then again.......in judging righteous judgement for myself.....should I be hanging out in the future with people who blatantly act in inappropriate ways or talk inappropriately? It's hard to know unless I figure out their motivation. All I know is I don't WANT to.....which makes me feel judgemental in a bad way if they are trying their best.

Here's a great idea...a public service announcement...anyone who is acting heinously in public who reads my blog- STOP IT!! Then we can just be friends with no worries. Yay! Glad we cleared that up!

Except I'm pretty sure it's none of you that are weirding me out right now. Darn!


WhiteEyebrows said...

Whew... for a minute there I was having a Matt 26:22 moment. (Is it I?)

Erica said...

Silly boy!

No it's not any of my friends. You all know I am no angel and I have been known to have my potty-mouthed moments myself. I am no one to judge the only slightly evil. I am talking about no holds barred- for no reason serious cussing that goes on and on AT CHURCH, bragging about stuff you need to not only see the bishop, but maybe your area authority and the twelve about. ETC.

Wait....so maybe it IS you Sam. Woe!! Woe!! Woe unto you!! REPENT!!
Sackcloth and ashes tomorrow maybe?