Lack O' Sleep

Saturday, March 29, 2008 |

So I have been away from my bloggy and my friends at a national student nursing conference at the Gaylord for the past 4 days. Basically this week, I studied my butt off, went to do my clinicals at the hospital, did my volunteer clinic hours, more hospital and then wednesday afternoon drove directly from Baylor Plano to the Gaylord where I was busy night and day until late this afternoon. Holy SMOKES!!! I am so tired. I had to take a little nap when I got home just to have the energy to do my laundry. Which of course I brought different outfits but only brought a black pair of shoes so I had to wear my black dress pants every day which I spilled food on day one AND day 2. ARG!!

So there were a ton of exhibitors and fellow students milling around and at one of the booths they were selling these memory study notebooks. They take info you need to know about body systems and certain diseases and make little drawings or mnemonics(ooooh...SAT vocab) to help you remember stuff for tests. A student from our school bought them and came to show me and I was like....AHHHH! (Disclaimer -This blog in no way is meant to mock those with a psychological disorder)

I turned to a page with a picture of a person with schizophrenia -a stick man crouched with his hands around his knees and like a few days worth of beard and crazy eyes. I was all- HAHA- I feel like that right now. My eyes are so red from sleep deprivation and I want to crawl into the fetal position.

Then I look at the dialogue puffy clouds around him. And it gets eerie.

Who am I - What am I doing here?? Check. I am confused.

Why won't you leave me alone? Everyone is out to get me. Check.

What is going on? Huh? Double Check.

I don't care. Check.

You are stressing me out! I don't want to be around people anymore! Check.

YIKES!! Lack of sleep is giving me some of the thought processes of least according to the memory book. In reality schizophrenia's way more severe than this and I have issues with the memory book, but anyways....sleep deprivation is WACK!! Hopefully I will sleep enough tonight to get myself back to my normal level of mental health by tomorrow.

It's scary to think of all of the stupid things I have done in my lifetime due to sleep deprivation induced moronic/impulsive decisions.

Most of the bad moments began with a trip to Walmart after midnight. I just shouldn't be allowed to get a cart after 12. If I would just walk in and get what I (or my friends) came for life would have many less scary memories.


Rhia Jean said...

I'm just super impressed that you were able to get a picture of yourself napping!

jenny said...


I wish I was there to slap you across the face and say "I LOVE YOU!!!! But you look awful!!"


Please is NOT over rated!!

Oh, and you're almost done. I just wanted to remind you!!

Alison said...

Sleep deprivation is my natural state. But yours sounds like super sleep deprivation--much worse! I'm glad you're back among the living--we missed you. :)

WhiteEyebrows said...

I spent the last several years catching up on all the sleep I missed in the first 24 years of my life.

I think I'm almost caught up.

Also - the photo kind of makes you look like your sleeping standing up.

Perhaps if you flipped it, it would look like you were sleeping hanging upside down... like a bat.

Tamara said...

I read a study one time that when they kept rats awake too long, they seriously just went crazy. I'm just saying, it could happen. Lack of sleep = Delirium. At least in my case.