I can make you THIN!

Thursday, March 20, 2008 |

Ok for those who hate dieting- this is NOT a diet post. Not a complaining about weight post. Just go with me here. This is interesting.

Basically I watched a new TLC show with my mom on sunday night by a guy who is teaching techniques to make people lose weight. One of his main points was to eat very slowly putting down your fork or spoon and savor each little bite of food. It's all about enjoying and tasting the food and giving it your attention because so many people inhale their food. The catchphrase is "eat consciously!"

Dude- I was just spending some bonding time with the mom, but seriously - the man had a point. I was taking the truth to be wayyyy hard. The diet guru had called me to repentance. Some days I eat in front of the TV and most of the time I could not consciously tell you when I even finished eating...all I know is I probably scarfed it down. And due to nursing school....the days I have to eat on campus I INHALE my food. Most days I have breakfast at 5:30 and lunch at 3pm. Not even kidding. I be a hungry girl by then. And my doctor has told me in the past that eating slowly will help out my ulcer-ey stomach. So I decided to try to eat as slow as molasses this week like he taught on the show for my poor tummy's sake. And not watch TV while I eat so that I actually pay attention to my food and the taste.

I do have to say - I am really enjoying tasting my food again. Food is amazing. YUM! So many subtle flavors! The grilled onion and mushroom fajita I had today was tres magnifique I must say. MMmm. Slowing down the meals and tasting food is a whole new world.

And then we get to the problem. TV. I am DYING I tell you. I mean eating is yummy when you actually taste your food and all, but watching TV while eating and finally seeing the shows I have DVR'd the night before is a highlight of my boring life. And it's how I justify watching TV. Now I got no alibi. If I don't watch TV while I eat....then I am killing actual real "getting stuff done" time when I watch TV. The HORROR!!!

I think the real issue is homework. If I had none then I would have guilt-free TV time. Ok partially guilt-free.

So anyways. Blah. In honor of Alison saying "here here" in a british accent all week....A pox on the fool who interferes with my entertainment.


Alison said...

"Here, here!" *in pretentious British accent* ;)

Got Bombshell? said...

Okay, I was going to post about this show, too, but can't find a suitable video on youtube to highlight my main observations. I will tell you that I will, at some point, post, and my post will contain the words "nazi," "heil," and "common sense."
If you watch it this week let me know if you notice what I am talking about. I can't believe the producers didn't catch the little format issue that I saw during the intro to the show (it has to do with the theater audience).