Saturday, March 8, 2008 |

So here is a bizarre little topic, but to anyone who has seen me around dogs it's probably not surprising.

Do I really love dogs more than the average dog owner? I am beginning to think so.

So I conned my parents(but not really since my dad wants a dog bad supposedly-now I'm not so sure) into going to a shelter this morning to look at dogs and after arriving there my mom looks at a few dogs in their cages and is all.....OK I'm ready to leave. No dogs I want here.

Meanwhile I am like nose to nose with a cutie named Tailspin telling her I will pick her out a little brother or sister from the other dogs and get two of them to keep each other company.

I turn around and in a flash my parents were gone. My sister and I had notes as to all the combos of puppies we wanted to get out and see if they got along. What the HECK happened?

OH my goodness- people these puppies were adorable!!! And they had some like a year old so that you already have them potty trained etc too just in case you don't want the baby puppy phase.

My sister and I lost my parents in the hallway and by the time we got to the front they were pulling the car out to leave without us. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??

So we get in the car and my mom tells me that she does want a dog but none of the dogs there were special. For reals- It's a miracle I'm still speaking to the woman. How can you be a dog lover and go to a shelter with TONS of dogs and not care about any of them? It completely mystifies me. I fall in love with like....tons of dogs all the time. I am just not as picky as her. Not that I'm not specific about the kind of dog I want - I mean there are soooo many abandoned dogs out there I can decide I only want one with 3 legs and a black patch on one eye that meows like a cat instead of barks and probably 2 or 3 shelters will have a dog like that.

I am just annoyed. I am never gonna get a dog. And I feel about dogs sort of like Jesus does about the little children I think. I love them all and I make no distinctions between them. Unless they pee when they get excited or smell bad. And if you wash the smelly ones I love them too.


How can people have hearts of ice? I am so sorry Tailspin. Mom knows not what she does.


Rhea said...

I'm a dog person also. I can't believe your parents!! By the way, great profile picture! lol

Rhia Jean said...

I would have been more concerned with the fact that my parents were going to abandon me at the pet store. I mean, I know you're not a little kid but if you went to a store with someone, would you leave them there because the store didn't have what you wanted? Maybe I misunderstood your story. And even though I don't like dogs, it is still hard for me to go to Pet Smart on Saturdays when the dog shelters bring the puppies and set them out front for people to adopt. I just have to put my blinders on and walk by real fast. My bleeding heart can't take it.

Erica said...

Rhia- my parents were literally driving off without us with no warning. They are heartless I tell you. It's like that CareBears movie where they dude turned everything to ice except my belly has no special staring powers to unfreeze the world.

Alison said...

I always wanted to have the ability to be involved in a CareBear Stare when I was a kid. I guess I could always just go get a tatoo on my stomach to fulfill part of that dream. Hum . . . I think my symbol would be a pen.

Rhia Jean said...

The saddest part is I know exactly what you are talking about when you mention the Care Bears movie. I've actually watched it as an adult...recently. I feel a Care Bears blog coming on...