Pitter-Pat Pitter-Pat, It's a Rainy Day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 |

I LOVE Rainy Days!!!! OK, maybe not torrential downpours or monsoons, but even those are fun for a while to me. After having been in Argentina with 1 hour of sprinkles in a year and a half I was having dreams every night about thunderstorms and they were heavenly. Maybe only a person who lives in Tornado Alley most her life can miss house-shaking thunderstorms. I crave them sometimes. MMmmmmm.

Ok in honor of today's insane rain-fest AND me being home to enjoy it on Spring Break here is what I like about rainy days!!

1) I like the sound of rain beating on the roof
2) I like wearing a rain coat(incidentally I have also been looking for rainboots that rock for a while now and am as yet unsuccessful)
3) I like the dark shadowy-ness of the day even inside with the lights on.
4) I like eating homemade cookies like when you stay inside making cookies with your mom when you're little on rainy days
5) I like taking naps in the shadowy-ness with rain beating on the roof
6) I like watching rainy movies that are scary(Clue) or depressing(Sense and Sensibility) so that there is thunder in the movie and in my house and you aren't sure where it's coming from. Neato!
7) I like puddle stomping.
8) I like that every girl's hairdo is ruined so we're all on equal status looking like drowned rats.
9) I feel an irresistable urge to touch people's clothes that have raindrops on them that haven't soaked in yet...and I LIKE it.
10) I like that rain means everyone stays home together at night instead of going out separate places. We're gonna have scary movie night tonight and eat pancakes with fruit syrup YUM!!!!!

RAIN ROCKS HARD!!!!! But it could slow down a little so things don't flood. I'm just saying.


Rhia Jean said...

This is kind of retarted and I didn't like doing this before I trained for my marathon, but my favorite thing to do in the rain is to put on my runnin' shoes and go. It is so fun to run in the rain. I didn't do it today. I had a headache so I opted to lay on the couch and read...my other favorite rainy day activity.

Alison said...

I'm excited that we probably will not be in a drought this year. Hurray!