Exercise your femininity...that's what every girl should know!!

Monday, March 24, 2008 |

Do you ever wonder to yourself why was I born a woman?

What magical things am I supposed to learn through all of the idiosyncracies of womanhood?

Is there some special knowledge or spiritual power, or personality trait that comes from being a girl?

How different must life experiences be if you are a man?

Some days being a woman feels less magical than others. More like a Curse...haha....I jest. But if you think about it......our minds work differently, our bodies are so different, the care and upkeep is totally different. As Sam has pointed out recently....we have a whole different perspective of dating due to our different role and we also seem to really unexplainably love shoes.

I wonder if it is just the differing hormones that make us love a really hot good quality pair of heels or boots. Maybe (as I've suspected MANY a time) men's eyes don't work so they can see what is truly beautiful in life...ie cute babies, heels, moi.

Then again if we take a leap back in history there was a time that men were the peacocks dressing up in all the heels and lace with makeup and corsets and the women were the arm candy. I don't like to dwell on that too much though. YUCK. I love historical drama but I can't stand the prissy wig wearing male of that particular period of time.

But regardless of how femme men may get in their dress throughout the ages there are certain lovely experiences that they just cannot have for themselves. As much as we may wish those experiences on them.

So my ladies......what gems do you have to share about the joys of femininity? Here are some of my hidden pleasures:

I like getting to hold babies. Women always get to steal each others' new babies to hold with that new baby smell. (for men's reference see : new car smell)

I like heels and boots and sandals with painted toesies.

I like the joy of having tanned shaven shapely legs in summer. Oh yeah.

I like having crazy makeup experiments where you make yourself over like a member of Heart or Cruella Deville or something.

I like knowing how to cook yummy things.

I like having good smelling clean hair. Men can't appreciate that unless they have had long hair. It's so nice to let your hair out of a ponytail at the end of a day and smell your yummy shampoo smell. MMmm.

I like not being a smelly boy in general.

I like being free to express my emotions to my girls. So liberating!

I like being unashamedly obsessed with cheesy british books and romantic movies!

I like that girls can love dancing without getting made fun of.

Now it's your turn mis amigas!!! Mis hermanitas!! What do you love ???


WhiteEyebrows said...

the only words I understood in this whole post were "new car smell". Everything else might as well have been in greek. :)

Alison said...

Hum . . . These are mine:

1. Shoes--heels in particular. They are a "feet" (eh, get it, eh?) of engineering.

2. Dresses. Nothing makes me feel more like a woman. sigh.

3. Being able to hug my friends without anyone thinking it's weird, oh!, and being "touching" (when I'm really comfortable with you, and I know you're ok with me invading your personal space, I'll smack you around). :)

4. People think it's normal, nay, a characteristic of women, to love chocolate, and I am totally fine with that stereotype.

5. Having a good cry and no one tells me I should stop crying and "be a man." That would suck to hear as a guy, in my opinion anyway.

There are probably more, but I can't think of them right now. :)

Alison said...

It's suppose to be "touchy" not "touching" on #3. Oops!

Rhia Jean said...

I like the fact that I have been good friends with all of my roommates. If you ever ask a guy where his roommate is, he has no clue, nor does he care.
I like the word beautiful...and I like it when men use it to describe women.
I like my fingernails. I used to paint them all the time but I don't anymore. They were also my only defense against three older brothers growing up.
I like being a "daddy's girl". No, my dad didn't spoil me and buy me everything under the sun, but all the same, I'm his girl.

Gabby said...

I love many of the things you just described (oh, heavenly painted toesies), but I also like to giggle -- because, face it, a guy giggling is a little weird. And I love that women have a bond that is unique, especially within families (I LOVE hanging out with my almost-18-year-old niece, and thankfully, I'm not uncool yet). ^_^

Tamara said...

Well, you didn't ask me and I'm not technically invited to your blog but, what the heck, I stalked my way on to Rhia and Sam's blog and I can't resist this post.

Things I love about being a girl:

1. Being a sister and having sisters. I love my brothers but there is nothing in the world like the bond between sisters. Nothing.

2. That it's totally ok to call my mom multiple times a day and for her to reciprocate. What man on earth can say it's ok for him to have a phone semi permanently attached to his ear with his mom on the other end?

3. That I don't have to watch action movies.

4. That I get extra points for knowing the rules of any sport. Why this is, I'm not sure, but I'll take the points where I can get them.

5. That it is both socially acceptable and even encouraged for me to relieve stress by getting manicures and pedicures.

Long live the pink team! I love being a girl!

Tamara said...

Oh, I just thought of another one.

I love the feeling of putting on my favorite outfit on a day when I can actually find that accessory that I bought to complete the outfit, when my hair magically falls perfectly into place and I somehow managed to get my make up JUST how I wanted it...and more than that, I love the feeling of prancing myself out of the house that day feeling like the world is my oyster...Guys will NEVER know how magic that feels!

Erica said...

Don't worry Tamara...I already totally stalked my way onto your blog too.

Also.....any day where I feel like it's all coming together I usually end up seeing photographic evidence later that it was SOOOO not.

Tamara said...

Oh phew. Then my charade is over. I'll link you up to my blog now that it's out in the open. Thanks for freeing me from my secret blogging prisoon. :)