It's cool baby

Thursday, June 26, 2008 |

So the awfulness of my day at work Monday has had the effect of making me more calm than usual. Working in an area of the hospital where people really do die is a total downer, but I knew that was what I was getting myself in for when I signed up and I'm OK with it. But is also has the effect of clobbering me over the head with eternal perspective which I definitely need sometimes.

So I have had all kinds of stupid personal drama this week. Some of you have heard about it, but it's not even exciting personal drama, so I won't go into it. The main point is, all things considered, I would probably not be sleeping super well at night, would have a racing heart from anxiety, be sniping at everyone around me under normal circumstances. I'm a worrier. But some how I am not. I am relatively OK and actually feeling kind of hippie peace love cool man daddy-o about life right now. Whatever baby. It's alright.

I am doing what I want to be doing finally. YAY! I am getting a paycheck finally(and on a regular basis) YAY! I am still getting to go to Zumba once in a while YAY! I get to go see Stephenie Meyer again YAY!

Not to say that I don't have other issues in my life, but the positives are outweighing the negatives right now. Or at least I am having an increased ability to focus on the positives. I just hope the effect my work has on me doesn't completely wear off.

So anyways I haven't blogged during the week this week, but here are the thing people have told me to blog about:

1) A lady at Zumba wore a thong (visible) that she had to keep pulling up. Super classy and attractive. And did I mention that Khalilah and I are the only women under 45 there? Can I make a thong age limit? Actually I'm anti-thing at any age. I gotta be honest. And VISIBLE? That is just so.......desperate.

2) At Jen's request - And I quote: myself : "You should have been here so you could go get mystic tans with my sister and me and look like a baked potato too. Or toast. Mmmm carbs."

3) An Ode to my Heating Pad. This was actually my idea but I am too lazy to take a pic and download it for you all. I felt that a blog all about how much I love my heating pad (or ice packs) would necessitate visuals. I ain't got that kind of energy this week. I'll include some of my deep feelings though anyways for your reading pleasure.

Oh my dear sweet heating pad, you are a joy in my life. Anytime I am in pain, there you are for me, like a bear hug from the Sun. I love you HP and you are almost an addiction to me at times. You give me a pain-free buzz so it is only right that I have never used you on any other power level than high. Why do they even have other levels? Who uses them? People who are coldhearted or maybe the reptile family. But I digress. Oh heating pad, I don't have a pet, but if you are with me I can close my eyes and imagine I have a warm little doggie curled up next to me. But a doggie would get up to bark and have bad breath and lick my face so heating pad- in reality you are better than a pet. More constant, More loyal, More hot, Less smelly. Cheaper. Lower maintenance. When I feel blue, heating pad, you give me the feeling of love, of being wrapped in grandma's quilt or sitting next to a campfire with my friends. Heating Pad, in my current circumstances you are better than any boyfriend I could have, because you are able to sleep with me and keep my popsicle toes warm. Ya know, unless I went off the deep end and got a Lovah. In which case maybe you would have second place in my heart. For a while, I have to be honest, I thought electric blanket had it going on. But then I began to feel smothered by his warmth. He was too big, and a little overwhelmingly hot for the long term. But HP, you are just right. If I fall asleep, you just take the other side of the bed and you are there for me when I need you again, so secure of yourself that you don't ever act needy like that blanky. In short, Heating Pad you got it going on.


Got Bombshell? said...

"For a while, I have to be honest, I thought electric blanket had it going on."
Radical. Love it!

Alison said...

I heart my heating pad. sigh. I'm an old woman sometimes, and it is the only thing that makes me feel better. I loved the ode. :)

Rhia Jean said...

You are killin' me! All I could think was "Bowchickabowwow!" Yeah baby!