Commandaoke? Project Karaoke? The title still needs work

Monday, June 16, 2008 |

Peeps. This has been brewing for a loooong time. I love a good game and a good challenge. The promise of singing karaoke at Sam's B-day this weekend only spurred on the madness. Karaoke needs to be more challenging. Yes, that's right. Who cares if I totally can't sing as well as Mariah or Christina? Being good is not necessary for what I have in mind. Here are the new rules:

1. You throw in a ton of really well known songs in to a hat. Man songs, Woman songs, Not Sure songs.

2. You get another separate hat and into it you add the names of famous singers with trademark sounds or famous styles (Sonny, Cher, Barbara, Pee Wee Hermann, Snow White, Sarah Brightman, Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Opera, Country, Beat Poetry, Rap, etc)

3. Contestants pick a song and a style and go to it! And train wreck.

4. People will have have gongs or buzzers. Sometimes it will be torturous. Life is agony sometimes and so is the greatest game ever. So bad it's good.

5. Hilarity will ensue.

I think singing in a particular style is both a) awful sounding and b) forces people not to take themselves seriously which are the key elements to karaoke when it is in public. You can sing Faith Hill when you're all alone and then no one has to listen or pretend they like it. And you can realize(as I have) that you are not as good as you sound in the car and maybe you shouldn't try out for American Idol. Unless you write a song and bring mums.

I know there will be naysayers. I have not presented my ingenius idea yet because pretty much everyone I know except Erin and Alison(who both do great Chers) has said "What are you smoking- I can't sing- why would you think I could karaoke and do it in a style?" My response is No I don't think you can sing. That is why I am suggesting this alternative where no one expects or wants you to sound good. That is why this idea could rock hard.

The only obstacle is that people are way too self conscious to tank a song like "Stand By Me" while singing like a large german opera singer apparently.

I am thinking my game only appeals to a select few. And to those to whom it appeals - we must play it someday and see if it is awesome or an abomination.


Rhia Jean said...

Erica, even though I can't really sing and even though I'm no good at singing least I don't think I would be...I've never tried because honestly it's never been something I've ever considered, I would still come to your commandaoke party. You should totally do that for your birthday! Hee-hee...

Rhia Jean said...

Impersonations...not imperonations.

Erika said...

I'm all in as long as I have the perogative to draw another style if I have absolutely no idea who the person is or how they sing. Sign me up!

Erin said...

Pick me! Pick me!!!

WhiteEyebrows said...

I am so IN for this. But can 1/2 of the style slips please, please, please say "Ethel Merman" and the other 1/2 please please please say "Carol Channing"?

Kristen said...


Alison said...

I will sing every song in the style of Cher as a default if I suck at the other "in the style of" I draw.