Hott Springz- The Top 10

Monday, June 9, 2008 |

Could my weekend have been any more hilarious? I doubt it. Let us add up all the elements that led to the awesomeness since Alison covered only some of the weekend on her blog.

1) Driving every wrong way possible on what appeared to be one highway but apparently had a bunch of turn offs. Then doing it again. And again. Then 4 hours of success. Then another completely non labeled highway turn off. Greatness.

2) Who knew Cher sounded so awesome singing the Immaculate Collection?

3) Hugh Dancy was in 2 movies we watched......and british and adorable and putting his feeling out there yet he somehow seems a little vulnerable which is rare in a man. I'll stop talking now.

4) Semi-drunkenness from lack of sleep, old bathhouse for pedis, patio full o' junk, homeless looking man in a wife beater...wait....look again!!!

Man with wife beater shaped tan lines. I seriously bet people heard us cackling for miles from our vantage point at the top of the bathhouse.

5) Man on bike giving us a quick little handout and riding quickly away- to tell us we were going to HELL.

Well apparently there MUST be friends in hell as everyone I know is going there according to his little booklet. It will be one rockin partay. Holla!

6) Fish shaped everything in our house. Fish platters and plates and commemorative stamps and paintings and pillows and wall hangings. Really the best were the MASSIVE fish shaped pillows in the living room. I wish this picture of Aibi showed the catfish's incredibly unbalanced whiskers. One was really long and the other short. Priceless.

7) An electronic keyboard+ The theme to Deliverance+Strings setting= Emo Deliverance. It made me want to cut myself while gutting a fish.

8)An unending string of justifications to eat every dessert in the place consecutively the first night.

a) We need matches so we can't have smores. I'll have fruit and a weight watchers ice cream.

b) Bomb Pops are practically water anyways and it's still hot out.

c) I am still slightly hungry and we need to wait up for Amy and Aibi so a chocolate chip cookie will give me a caffeine boost.

d) Technically you don't need a fire for smores- you can make them golden on the stovetop. Shame to have smores only one night when it could have been two. Shame to eat only one smore.

9) Here's to CHAD awareness and support. Whatever the heck CHAD actually was.

10) Staying up late for Aibi and Amy was worth it just to watch Best Week Ever(I guarantee it!) and Bear Grylls(this part of the monitor is sooo tasty!)

Ladies- I miss you all already. What a weekend.


Rhia Jean said...

I didn't realize that was what the pamphlet said. I was wondering where you got that amusing cartoon and what it was doing with your Hot Springs pics. You left off one tiny highlight which was burning leaves for kindling in the fire which in turn smelled like pot. Ah, lovely...good times, good times.

Alison said...

Girl, everything sounds better when you sing it like Cher. The only reason I know is because I sing like her randomly when I'm by myself . . . or with people playing Egyptian Rat Smooch.

Loved the Deliverance interlude. Ha!

Forgot about CHAD! (Well, I guess technically I can't forget about something when I don't actually know what it is.)

*false beard guy turns to the camera and says* "I guarantee it!" :D

I heart Bear, even if his show is somewhat fake. sigh.

Excellent blog.

Erica said...

I an inappropriate aside to Alison: I always am attracted to men that show manly survival skills. Of course eating grubs and smearing yourself with boar grease is kind of a buzzkill, but holy cow, there's a lot to be said for a man who knows how to do outdoorsy stuff in a competent "I can handle anything" way. This explains my mental state for all of last summer. Do you even know about last summer? Anyways. Grrrr.

Alison said...

You need to tell me about last summer. I only think I know about bits and pieces of it. Hum, I'm curious . . .

JaneHeiress said...

Okay, this may be an odd question to pick out of such a fantastic weekend, but what Hugh Dancy movies did you watch? I adore him.

Erica said...

Jane Austen Book Club and Blood and Chocolate

Fine Viewing. Ha.

I would also like to say that my word verification is