Non-Electric Avenue

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 |

I HATE it when the power goes off right as I need to cook and do laundry. Today is my day mostly off and literally the power must have gone off right as I got home this afternoon. ARG! I needed a hot lunch ! I was not willing to eat a crappy sandwich. I wanted pizza or soup or grilled cheese. These are "Erica got rained on" foods. I had to settle for some cereal to tide me over and then around 3 I left to get Taco Bell. Geez! Can't a girl get a break on her day off?

In contrast I don't mind as much at night if there is no good TV on. Sometimes I think it is a message that I need to go to bed early for once. I also love walking around with candles and flashlights.

Ok -Back to laundryville. Now my power is back on I gotta wash like the wind.

EDITOR'S COMMENT: It is now a few hours later and I made myself biscuits to have with jam and butter. Life is good once more. Ahhhhh carbs.


Rhia Jean said...

Yeah, I was at work when the power went out yesterday and interestingly enough, people were still asking if we had this or that obscure book or CD to which I would reply "I don't know" but in my head I was thinking "I don't's dark...I can't see anything...and the computer is off since the power is off so I can't check the database." My story is really totally unrelated to your sad lunch story, but hey, at least Taco Bell had power. Did they have tomatoes?