A Mother's Secret (Lifetime movie pending)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 |

"Holy Crap! That is NOT worth a lollipop!" Slow slide to floor. And scene.

So I am totally unable to use my left arm today. I went to my pre-employment check-up yesterday and they saw it had been 8 yrs since my last Tetanus shot and they give it with Pertussis now to adults(like 4 of my instructors actually got whooping cough last year from being at Children's) they gave me a dpT (diptheria pertussis tenatus) on the spot. And drew blood and gave me a Tb test. On the same arm. YAY!

So the nurse said it would hurt possibly last night or this morning and be a bit achy and I might get a fever or headache. So an hour later I was like OWWWWWW. It was hurting already. I went home and felt crappy so I took a 4 hour nap. 4 HOURS! Then I sat around all night whining about my arm and then fell asleep at like 11:30 and slept for like 10 hours. And tossed and turned all night because stuff kept touching my arm. I was forced to skip my precious Zumba class this morning due to arm gimp and then have sat at home going OW OW OW all day. I went grocery shopping and had to do everything with one arm. Then I came home and had issues putting groceries away because I couldn't lift my arm at all.

Why am I telling you this? It all ties in with the future Lifetime movie. My mom comes home from work this afternoon and asks how I am and I tell her my arm is a throbbing mess and she says....really why? (so apparently she pays no attention to anything going on around her- not a suprise to anyone) So I say...um....hello? I got the dpT in it yesterday. And she's all "Oh....you didn't get all your shots as a child because you were allergic. You aren't supposed to get a dpT you just get Tetanus. "

Ok- isn't a mother supposed to tell her child is she had a horrible allergic reaction as a child? I was like.....mom...I have my shot records and no where on it does it say anything about me not getting all my baby shots for pertussis or me being allergic to anything? Why didn't you say anything about it? Or....maybe WRITE IT ON THE RECORD??????

And she's all "Well....I'm sure I've said something about it before."

And I'm all.....um NO you didn't - as far as I'm aware I have only one drug allergy and that's it. If I had another one you have never said anything or written it on any medical record EVER.

And her response" Well....you weren't supposed to get that shot. I bet your arm hurts bad."

Yes mom.....it does.

The sad reality is I probably would have had to get this shot anyways. Pertussis is way worse that a hurt arm or a possible anaphalactic reaction- right? Someone sell my story to pay off my student loans and credit card if I don't survive.


Rhia Jean said...

I could write your story for you and sell it to Lifetime. I would just have to add a few minor plot twists that the real version doesn't have like a murder, or a baby being switched at birth, or a cheating husband, or all three combined. We'll throw your allergy in there somewhere and then we can put a disclaimer at the beginning that says, "Based on a true story" I can see the academy award already!

Alison said...

My mother's always telling me crap that I have NEVER heard. A major piece of family news, etc. She'll mention it in casual conversation, and I'll say, "WHAT? When did that happen?" "I thought I told you?" "NO!" I think it's the memory. Although, a huge allergic reaction like that--hum, seems like she would've/should've remembered THAT. Gee. Poor, Erica, no wonder it hurt sooooooo bad. :(

Erica said...

Just to add some further plot points, after writing this blog, I lost the use of the arm completely, had to wear a sling, developed a fever, was seen by the hospital nurse, who then freaked out and told me to make sure to report any further developments because I was only in need of a little respiratory distress to force their hand into recalling the vaccine batch and notifying the CDC. The fever was the last development though, and I got back the use of my arm a week later.