Bad Writing Challenge!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008 |

Ok friends. On one of those dumb ads on facebook they managed to suck me in to a contest to write the best story in six words. How F*U*N is that?!!! But you had to create a membership to their website blah blah blah. Not gonna happen.

So let's bring it on right here right now. A writing contest. But in 7 words cause that is my lucky number.

Your best story or funny poem in 7 words.

For example:

Men, Chocolate:Love one, lose the other.

Green Frog + Pink Pig/amber waves=LOVE

Erica says "This calls for Lady Gloves!"

Let the madness begin.....


Alison said...

She looked behind her & lo, twas toiletpaper!

(Like how I made the last two words into one word to try and meet the 7 word limit? I do not count the "and" sign and neither should you.) :)

WhiteEyebrows said...

Purple pretzels pack punches of pig poop.

I just wanted to alliterate. Is that OK?

Rhia Jean said...

Do not shop at JC Penny's...ever!

(JC is one word...well, to me it counts as one word)

Rhia Jean said...

Oh! Here's another:

Edward Cullen or Jack Force? Edward Cullen!

The end.

Got Bombshell? said...

A collection of short stories that may or may not describe my fantasy life:

Robert Downey Jr came to her door...

She quit her job and became happy.

Jessica Simpson disappeared from the planet.

Saks Fifth Avenue had a huge sale.

Everyone bought her best selling "Anticool" novel.

She woke up one morning with abs.

Kristen said...

..."You know we need this money.."

Erica said...

YAY- my internet is finally back!

WE- I have more of a problem with pig poop than alliteration. Eww.

GB- For realz I might not recognize myself with abs. True story.