Quotitas Fantabulosas

Thursday, September 11, 2008 |

"Surely you can clean your pile while I am still sitting in your pile"

"When did you have your warm delight? Last night?!!! Is that why it looks like a crusty delight now?"

"My mascara looks like Jessica Simpson when she goes on TV."

"I wanna itch my butt like Baloo the bear! You mean against a tree? Not just any tree- a coconut tree."

"I want to thank you for one thing about today ...which was the opportunity to meet someone more anal retentive than myself."

"The only reason we seem immature and talkative is because they are old and introverted. So their opinions don't matter. They're introverts dang it!! Why are they getting any input? Why are they even talking? Maybe I should stop talking."


Alison said...

My favorite is the second one. Woweeewowwow!!! :S

This reminds me: I need to do an "And I Quote . . ."; I've been slackin'.

Oh, and the Playa Hater song is genius. I think my ears are bleeding.

WhiteEyebrows said...

haha... my fav is about meeting someone more anal retentive... haha