A Little List of Things You Never Say

Saturday, September 6, 2008 |

So while I was at work today someone crossed a social line that I thought was pretty much uncrossable. Along the same lines as the "don't ask a woman her age, don't ask if they've put on weight" rule.

Today a LADY I had never met walked up and looked at my co-worker's engagement photos. Which are way way cute I might add. So this LADY walks up and says....oh....are these your engagement photos? So my coworker says yes. And they are taped into her work"box o supplies" so they are obviously pics she likes......or so you would think if you were a normal person.

So my co-worker says ...yeah I am amazed they came out so well with it being 100 degrees out. If you compare the beginning of the session to the end you can see we look flushed from the heat. But they came out really well. My fiancee looks so cute.

So LADY says hmmm you look really awkward in these though. His arms are all stiff and unnatural. This one looks better than the rest though. It's hard to pick which is good- sweat versus awkward pose.

So my coworker had no response. Just uncomfortable laughter and a hurt look.

SERIOUSLY??!!!! WHO on EARTH thinks it's OK to criticize someones engagement pics which are already final and they obviously love and have taped to their work space???

It is one thing to help a friend pick out which shots are best when they are still evaluating and asking your honest opinion. It is a WHOLE other thing to walk up and comment about pics they already chose. What's awful to me is that all of the pictures really are adorable and I hope my coworker isn't all self conscious now about them cause of one crazy person. They didn't look awkward at all. Or sweaty. I know if I was her I would probably obsess over it though.

It's like telling someone they have an cute-ish baby or their boyfriend looks like he is a nice guy. What? You obviously hope to say that in a super passive aggressive way so the person is hurt and has doubts but is unable to blame you. LAME.

Did I mention that I can't stand people who end saying ugly things with "I'm just being honest"

Grrrrrrrrr. People just have no business saying some things.

And now- a shout out to all my friends. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

I am glad I know such lovely people who give me proof that there are normal functioning people out there who aren't rude or mean. It is through your support that I am able to go out and face the world knowing I can get through anything. If I was around the "special" crowd night and day I don't know how I would survive. I thank you all for being fabulous,hilarious, and the kind of crazy I like to be around.


Rhia Jean said...

It's like someone who says, "That haircut looks cute...on you." or when they tell you "It looks nice, but I would never arrange MY living room like that." Yes, an insult in the disguise of a compliment...it is the most subtle form of bullying. I agree...grrrr.

Alison said...

You know the only reason that LADY said that they looked sweaty was because the girl had just told her it was hot out when they took the pictures.

LADY thought to herself, "Oh, hot. Got it! I can say something about how they look sweaty, and then I'll have something to say. Yeah . . . Oh! Maybe I'll throw in a comment about being awkward. Yup, that should make me feel better about my pathetic life alone."

Yeah, but you know what, I'm probably off on the alone part. LADY is probably married or has a boyfriend, cause that's how it always goes, isn't it?

Erica said...

I'm sure someone must love her. It is a rle it seems for all crazy people. And she made snarky little mean comments all day to bring everyone down. She is very obviously unhappy in her own life.

Megan said...

Some people, I swear! Maybe you can be a stablizing force in the world of wackos!!!