Why the Night-time is the Right Time

Friday, August 1, 2008 |

Since the beginning of Erica......the night-time has always been the best time of day. THE BEST. My favorite color is midnight blue. But not just midnight blue. It's that midnight blue fading into purple color just after sunset when you can see the stars appearing. Also - I love stars. Ridiculously love them. Most romantic moment of my life- yup- it was outside with Christmas lights framed as stars overhead. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect unless it was that it be with someone I was actually dating and that it work out. Sigh. It was so dreamy.

Seriously. I LOVE the night. I am way more awake at night. I feel better at night (I wake up nauseous most mornings-I'm not pregnant thanks). I am in a bad mood in the morning even if I got enough sleep. I just feel like the best "me" at night.

Now I'm working at night. Everyone else seems to hit a wall at a certain hour. Not me. I'm just fine and have to force myself to go to bed when I get home. It's crazy.

The only odd result of this new schedule is that I sleep weird hours and take naps on my days off. The reason I am telling you this tale is that my life has now resulted in MADNESS. For the past two weeks I have had one day of the week where I popped awake at like 4 or 5 am on my day off and felt the overwhelming need to be productive. WHAT THE??? ME???? Alive in the morning???? Perish the thought??!!!!!

So last Sunday I made pancakes at like 6 am and then went back to bed and left the batter for my family. Today I have been up since like 3 and I made a Dutch Pancake with caramelized fresh peaches and blueberries. I would have posted a pic of this culinary masterpiece but it was so freaking amazing my dad and I ate the whole thing and now there's not even leftovers to show for all my effort. (NOTE TO READERS: My bitter feelings about morning in no way reflect any animosity toward breakfast foods as you can see here) Normally I would browse stores online if I was awake in the middle of the night, but since I can't move for a few months, and need to save money, all of my efforts to be industrious end in baking something and reading books. And watching L & O or Golden Girls which are on in the morning. BTW- Golden Girls is like the perfect show to eat breakfast by. But I digress.

A new world has been opened up to me by being awake and alive in the morning once or twice a week. And am I enjoying it? HECK to the NO.

Morning is sooooo boring. It's like an endless business meeting in the accounting department. I feel like I should be asleep and that being awake is like a form of punishment. Not that I haven't been awake before 6am for most of my adult life, but I never have enjoyed it. And now that I have moments of being truly jazz hands awake at 6 am I would like to say morning bites.

Maybe If I could wake up and roll over and see Jim Halpert I would feel differently.

I have been accused (and admit freely) of having a muppet face on many occasions. If you have seen me smile like a muppet(at night) let me promise you I am like a wasted Oscar the Grouch or sleepy Big Bird or recently awoken Miss Piggy in the morning.

I have got to find a better way of spending this wasted early morning time. GEEEEEEZZ!!!


Texas Couple said...

I'll still have to agree with our mothers saying that we share a brain. I cracked up reading your blog because I was awake at 4am craving pancakes!!!

Alison said...

My mother has repeatedly called our family a "family of bats." All of us function better at night. I clean at night. Write at night. Plan at night. This is why I can never really fall asleep before 11 or 11:30. I've always wished I was a morning person since so many people are not. Then I could go to the gym at 5 A.M. and be totally fine with it, enjoying no crowd. But it ain't gonna happen. Besides, everything just seems better at night; why fight it?

Erika said...

Let me know if you need more books to read!

Allie said...

AMEN! Everyone says with a kid I am going to have a morning person, I say bite me! I will raise my children to be children of the night... uhmm that sounds creepy, we don't kill people we just enjoy the night... right i am done, you get the point:)

Deb said...

I'm with you... night time is the best. I find now that I have a baby it is the only time I get anything else done. I like your blog... funny funny.

Rhia Jean said...

Uh-uh! Not me! My internal alarm clock wakes me up at 5:30am each and every morning! I fly out of bed with a huge smile on my face and am just SO happy to be alive! I get so much done by getting up early! I go to the gym, the grocery store, I get my laundry done, I make breakfast, and go for a walk, spend time pondering the scriptures, brush up on foreign languages...you know, just everyday morning stuff! I'm just so chipper in the mornings!