Celebrity Crushes - The D-List

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 |

Did you ever have a "celebrity crush" on someone that you are embarrased to admit or had to explain who they were for like 10 minutes and then still got a blank stare in return?

Who cares if someone likes Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Catherine Zeta Jones or Angelina Jolie??? Who doesn't? I need some originality!

It is one of my favorite things in life to hear the wierd crushes. The fetishes. The obsessive love for someone who is cruising wayyyyy under the radar. It really tells you alot about people.

These are some of my favorites(from many people's crazy tastes) over the years.

1) Bruce Boxleitner on Babylon 5 and Lifetime movies(not in his heydey while he was on Scarecrow and Mrs. King). He is a fine looking man. I have to admit.

2) A politician's cute nephew

3) The furniture appraising twins on Antiques Roadshow.

4)The man who ran the lab on X-files.

5) The hot local redhead weatherman.(Yeah Aaron! It's gettin hot in here)

6) A sarcastic talk show host

7) Various SNL castmembers

8) Lead singers of 80's hair metal bands. Now that they're old.

9) Reality TV Stars. WOW. Really? That one? Isn't he gay? And mean?

10) A stuffy older manager on a TV show- not the younger cute characters.

To reveal my D-list celebrity loves...... I was an official member of the Internet group LOMIG or Lovers of Mulder in Glasses. I also loved Craig Kilborn when he was the host of the Daily Show. Like...... ridiculously loved him. I also have various crushes on british celebs who I am sure no one knows. DUMB.

So...um....now that I've embarrassed myself, feel free to post your embarassing crushes and enlighten us all!


Rhia Jean said...

The guy who played Sark on Alias. *sigh*

Erika said...

They guy who played Oliver Wood (Quidditch Team Captain) in the first Harry Potter movie...and I'm not usually a sucker for a foreign accent.

Alison said...

Ohhhhhhh Rhia! I forgot all about Sark. How could I?! I loooooooved him. sigh.

I had a weird attraction to Conan O'Brien for many years.

I also heart the guy from Pride and Prejudice that plays Bingley (he's in Penelope as well).

Oh! And then there's Julian Sands from A Room with a View and Kenneth Branagh.

Ok, I'll stop now.

Rhia Jean said...

Erika! I totally love that guy too! I also was in love with the guy who plays Horatio Hornblower that is also the stretchy guy in Fantastic Four, but I loved him before all of that. I loved him when he was in Titanic..."Is there anyone alive out there. Can anyone hear me?"...he had a really nice accent in that movie. I don't really like him so much anymore, but only when I think of him as the brave crew member that convinced all the other crew members to tie there life boats together and go back and look for survivors. Sorry Alison for the re-cap of Titanic. I hope I didn't make you throw up too much.

Erica said...

Ri-ri if you love him as Horatio Hornblower you should totally see him in the Forsyte Saga. Not that I am obsessed either.(Ha) That miniseries is awesome and they have it at the Richardson Public Library. I am now obsessed with another guy who is pure evil in it....it's not that I'm attracted- he just fascinates me now.

I also consider Oliver Wood to be babeliscious although he's also really young so it's embarrasing/disturbing. He falls into the same category as my love for Edmund in the Chronic(whut)cles of Narnia. They're adorable and I would want a little sister of mine to hook up with them.

Let me reveal the new adorable british man I have found. Benedict Cumberpatch. His name alone is crazy. I heart it. He was in Amazing Grace.

JaneHeiress said...

I totally had a crush on Sark too! Wow, I'd forgotten about that one. And the actor's not even British.

The Bingley guy is also in Cranford. So adorable!

And I have to say that I know James McAvoy is the big thing now, but I adored him way before anyone who hadn't seen Children of Dune knew who he was.

Anonymous said...

I had a crush on Tina Yothers... not the short pudgy blonde Tina Yothers of Family Ties or the short pudgy brunette Tina Yothers of Celebrity Fit Club... No there was a VERY brief period in between then when she was kinda hot... she was lead singer of a band called Jaded.

I also have a crush on the Progressive Insurance girl "Flo"... I'd trick her nametag out anyday.

Gabby said...

I love Sark. Mmmmm.... I'm a sucker for hot, unknown actors who play not-quite-so-nice-but-extremely-interesting "bad" guys.

AND, I believe the guy who played Oliver Wood in HP is in the movie Twilight? Yes?

And not that ANYONE knows who these people are, because while I've seen them in a few guest spots here and there, I mostly know them from Stargate: I love Coling Cunningham as Major Davis (ONLY as Major Davis, as I've seen him in other things, and he's usually scruffy and punk; clean him up and put him in an Air Force Uniform any day! Mwrowr!); and JR Bourne as Martouf (I loved the character's personality and he played it so nicely... mmm... interestingly enough, I saw Bourne recently in an episode as NCIS -- he turned out to be the bad guy. Figures. *laughs*)

Matt Milstead said...

I am totally in love with Ashley Tisdale. She rocks my world in both High School Musical, and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Oh yeah, and also Ms. Potts on Beauty and the Beast. Not the actress but the actual talking tea pot.