More Sugar!! More Dr. Pepper!!!!! Tylenol PM!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008 | a random conversation I had recently with myself in the car and then with others....a subject has come up.

The dating situation is crap. What to do...what to do????

So being the queen of random and inappropriate thoughts I pondered to myself- Why are there so many single people and yet none of us want to date each other? If we all got drunk and made out...I bet alot of lasting relationships might come from it. We are all way too uptight about dating. If there were more hormones or kick starts to make people take notice of each other......

The solution is not alcohol. This was just the random thought part.

But ....are lowered inhibitions a solution to the problem?? This is my lasting impression from the whole scenario. How do we get ourselves to be less obsessive and stuck thinking in our little boxes and go with the flow and be open to more options? Hmmmm.

Do you all have any ideas? There are all the Mo-Acceptable Drugs. There is the sugar high. That's just likely to make you even more annoying and obsessive. And with ADHD that will make you unable to focus on one person.

I am a happy camper after taking Tylenol PM but who knows what I might say and I will fall asleep on any date.

Hmmmm. I am open to suggestions.


Alison said...

I'm thinking . . . big, huge bowls of pasta. Everyone is more sediate after eating 30,000 calories of carbs. Maybe the inabliity to move away from someone would force you to spend time with them.

So . . . I vote pasta.

Erica said...

I liked our plan tonight to pounce on men after the post-turkey coma on thanksgiving. I must strategically position myself and then poiunce!

Got Bombshell? said...

Based on some of the things I saw at church today, I think it's safe to say that many of our peers are already drunk.

Rhia Jean said...

Or we could pull the old Harry Potter/Ron Weasley/happy potion switcheroo and make people think they drank something and see if people lower their inhibitions...I don't know how exactly we would do that but it is a thought.