Why I Can't Stand Hugo Chavez

Monday, January 21, 2008 |

A politically motivated blog. WOW. Brace yourself.

So I can't stand Hugo Chavez. El Presidente in Venezuela.

Why should we even care about anything involving the president of Venezuela? By all rights there are like a bajillion foreign countries that are bigger, have more powerful economies, etc and I honestly admit I have noooo clue who their leaders are.

But I know about Hugo Chavez because he is like the moron with short-man syndrome who drives the POS car with the loud engine he's so proud of. Like people who are in debt up to their ears and try to make you feel bad for not having as many material possessions. I have a million more analogies to describe Hugo Chavez, but that's not why I'm writing.

So here are some fast facts for why he annoys me:

He comes to our country and bashes it hardcore and openly-a luxury he allows no one to reciprocate. Heck- we can't even get visas to go to venezuela.

He sent politicians to Argentina to buy votes in their presidential elections and they got caught- and he's unapologetic about it

He pretty obviously tight with all of the guerilla armies in Colombia and plays like he's some grand peace negotiator to get hostages released but let's be realistic. He keeps threatening to cut off relations with the Columbian president and then when they finally get ONE hostage released who was raped,beaten and had her son stolen etc. out of an estimated 750 live hostages that one army alone is holding.....he asks Europe to take the guerilla armies off their lists of terrorist organizations because they're not really terrorists now and the only reason they were added to the lists was pressure from the US (Cause Europeans are sheep). WHAT?? Way to make an argument that's convincing.

Heres a new little Chavez-ism -Dairy Farmers in Venezuela are now treasonous if they try to export milk products because he wants them to sell it all for cheap(more supply than demand) within the country and just starve to death.

He recently tried to make constitutional amendments in Venezuela so that he could continue as their ruler with no term limits and have complete control of the national bank. He also threatened to cut off the TV stations if they tried to show any sort of exit polling or early results in the elections. He said if CNN did any broadcasting showing opposition having greater numbers -he would cut off oil supplies to the US. (shooting himself in the foot - they supply 15% of our crude oil- but guess what would happen to their economy if they didn't sell us their only major export? HE IS SUCH AN IDIOT)

He openly loves and idolizes Fidel Castro. This alone shows his unstable mind. Who with any sense of reason looks at CUBA and thinks.....wow....I really wish my country were that successful.

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Ok, I think I'll end now. I am losing my ability to express myself through spellable words.