Sorry....didn't get that memo

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 |

Sometimes I heart nursing school.

So I go in to the hospital this morning for orientation classes and I arrive like 10 minutes early in the location we are supposed to meet. Crickets. Tumbleweed.

I decide to go to a nearby classroom at the hospital on the off chance and TADA- there is my teacher and the other 4 students. And my teacher says "Erica we'd given up on you so we just came down." And I said, " gave up on me ?? Isn't our meeting time for the lobby in like 5 minutes? Why would you give up on me?"

And teacher says "I don't know, everyone else came already so I figured you weren't coming."

Ok- on what planet do you get to abandon someone because everyone else in the group decided to be anal-retentively early? (They are all carpooling from McKinney incidentally so they DID arrive early together- duh) And the saddest part- I WAS EARLY TOO!!

So I ask my classmates in a whisper "Did she send an email about the start time changing again or something?" A chorus of no's. Of course she didn't.

Then our teacher asks me"Erica do you have plans you can't change right after class?" So I say no- cause I don't. Stupid Stupid Stupid. So she says "You know that Pain management class I talked about attending today maybe as part of class? Well they are having it an hour after we are supposed to get out of class and it lasts til 4:30 so I'll count you in to stay since you don't have plans"

So all the smarties who actually read to the end of the memo said they had a prior committment right after class when she asked them. And I -who just read to get the meeting time- HA- didn't have any idea I needed to play uncooperative today.

I spent an extra 2 1/2 hrs at the hospital watching a web seminar on managing cancer breakthrough pain. And I got to cry and try to hide it from the 3 oncology nurses who were there with their callused hearts where they won't cry at a stupid video anymore. I was unprepared for cancer sob stories. It was baaaaad.

And I have had my eyes all watery from having been sick recently so it looked like I was crying really bad long before the tears were actually of sadness.


Lesson learned- read all your email or your teacher will make you cry.