Marshmallow Dreams

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 |

Ok- there was such a dearth(yes dearth) of decent TV on tonight that I watched American Idol while I ate dinner. And then as I sat there in my jammies it got colder and colder and colder. So I decided to make myself some Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate w/ marshmallows hot cocoa in my favorite oversized disney princess mug.

I have had some wierd cocoa recently- a world market dark chocolate cocoa- good but lacking that soothing quality, a mint cocoa someone gave my parents- pure nastiness, oooooh and worst of all some "homemade" cocoa someone else gave my parents-gag hack. I hate homemade cocoa that is just someone using up the nasty powdered milk from their food storage. Do you think I don't know? Do you think that if you can't gag it down that I will somehow? Do you think I didn't notice that it was like 1/8 the cocoa that was required to make it taste chocolately you cheapos? I mean the mix was white for Pete's sake??!! Moving on....

On the infamous trip to Target last week I got the good old standby swiss miss, but I hadn't had any yet.

Have you ever loved a cocoa so much that you wanted to to take a cocoa bath? Honestly it was like manna from heaven. Smooth, chocolatey, with those yummy little marshmallow crunchies that turn into foam if you wait too long.

Ok in all reality it would probably be gross to smell like chocolate.

But peeps- go treat yourself to a yummy cocoa- it's freaking freezing outside, but cocoa makes it all worth it. I promise.