There are so many reasons I don't deal with the paparazzi

Saturday, July 19, 2008 |

As a little girl(very little) I had a dream that one day I would be rich and famous and wear pretty dresses on TV. Much like Vanna White who was the epitome of a live Barbie to me. What a dream job! Spelling AND Taffeta/Sequins.

It didn't take me long to figure out that although fame usually brings money- it is also a huge hassle. I believe that I realized that while watching Madonna get mobbed by fans in the early lace glove/bustier phase. People were desperately seeking her apparently.

Since then I have had moments where I think to myself I would love to act or do something comedic or maybe musical onstage, but I am aware enough to know that a) fat chance and b) if you succeed, your whole life changes and may truly start to suck. I mean hello- how many paparazzi does Brit back into every week? It's a total hassle.

Recently I was looking up a certain mormon semi-celeb from the RM etc. who I was pretty sure I saw on a beer commercial. Turns out I was right. I found out this important info by googling him and finding a bajillion fellow mo's chiming in with their opinion about him going to hell or just shocked in general. I was also pretty shocked. But I was more appalled(yes appalled Sam) by the horror of imagining what would happen if every decision in my life became a topic for public judgemental semi-religious debate. YIKEYS. The guy apparently had no money or other work options. I am not sure I would make the same decision, but having a family to support and no money is hard. I've never been in his place. I then thought of so many other mormons ripped apart in the public forum. IE- Julie from the Real World back in the day. I was so jealous and sure I would have been a much more fun mormon for MTV consumption. And poor Marie Osmond. Her family problems, her weight. Who would want the public to pick that apart? Ug. And what about all the other mo's on DWTS? I am all up in Julianne and Danny's Hough's love lives. Those poor people.

In conclusion, being famous sucks. From the many pictures of me with muppet face/ sucked in "evil" cheeks, to the bad videos, I shudder to think of how bad life could be if I were famous. All of those awful pictures they take of celebs at LAX after a late flight. The opportunity to buy ridiculously expensive clothes that will be out of fashion two weeks later. Being put in the "Who Wore it Better" column where they can tell me that 99% of people think Sienna Miller looks better in the same dress. As if I needed them to tell me that. Having my weight talked about. I would have to kill people.

Fame just is not a dream of mine. How on earth do people deal with it? It is a mystery to me.


Alison said...

Yes, this is a topic that I thought of SERIOUSLY when I was discovered, and practically begged to model. But I'm was a very down-to-earth person who could see that media attention and fame would crush my spirit. Looking back, I realize just how smart I was to not get involved in "the game." Besides, right now, I'm (ironically) constantly surrounded by famous people. They are all so self-conscience. Take it from me and my experience with my famous, famous friends, it is soooo not worth it.

*ahem* ;)

WhiteEyebrows said...

I'm just blown away that you were both "shocked" and "appalled" and lived to tell the tale. Nice work

And yes, fame is for the birds. Who wants to never go outside not looking good for the rest of their life?

Rhia Jean said...

You should ask Amy about fame. After all, she was featured on Dallas Morning talking to the one and only Steph!