Superficial People Annoy Me

Monday, July 28, 2008 |

For so very many reasons this week, I am annoyed with people whose lives revolve around judgements based on money and looks.

Disclaimer: I realize I wear a new outfit or shoes like every other week at church and that I go overboard with makeup and hair. This being said- they really don't matter all that much to me - I just think fashion is fun. I mean hello peeps? I did wear the same 2 super stained outfits for a year and half in argentina. I just appreciate my ability to wear different stuff now and I am taking full advantage of it. In the manner of a broke girl. Moving on.

So, it is slightly frustrating to me to shop for houses online (just for fun) and have the everyone around me chime in cute or not while one person says- I can't believe you're looking at crappy houses like those. Gee thanks! That makes me feel great about myself. Since my life(and the lives of all your other fellow co-workers) bores you so...... we can all go look for uber-expensive houses for you. YAY! Fun times. I am sorry that we shabby members of the rest of the world cannot make demands that the countertops have to be granite, the pool huge with space for water sports and a side yard for your herb garden, there be a "grand entrance" staircase and room for 3 cars and a boat. It must be a tough life. And it really makes us all have sympathy when you whine about the difficulty of picking out this dream mini-mansion from among all the ones where the previous owners had bad taste in paint color. Such a tragedy. When I am ripping down 7o's wood paneling and wallpaper and de-popcorning my future home's ceiling I will be sure to break out my violin and play a sad tune for the painters you hire to make your home all beige again.

Ok, Round Two-shout out to all the shallow men out there. Who knew that being visibly in front of people at church this week would inspire the interest of PEOPLE I ALREADY KNOW? There is nothing I HATE more than guys who you are introduced to like 5 times who won't give you the time of day as a living breathing human because their lives involve one interest only- The Flavor of the Week. There are a ton of people I really don't care to ever be friends with because they are such jerks when you are not in the Top 3 that day. You can tell that they are being coerced to even respond with words as a friend introduces you. Usually they turn their head to the side and don't even look to see who you are as you are being introduced. I am always super disgusted. So anyways, this week's particular loser I have met on 4 occasions now. (against my will I might add)I have actually been at a dance with him and another male friend and stood there and talked for like 3 hours. I could tell 100% at the time that I couldn't stand him and thought to myself- it annoys him that I am even here alive and breathing and not a hot 18 yr old. Must be frustrating to have to talk to the non-beautiful people on a day to day basis when your shallow-meter is so sensitive. So apparently I must have been looking Mighty Fine yesterday because after church he runs up out of nowhere to introduce himself and say How could we have never met before?!!- please tell me all about yourself now!!! Because I am a huge chicken I just said hi and gave a quick response before walking off. In my head this is how the conversation went.

"Hello. We've never met and I don't know how that can be. I'm ______"

"Hello _____. I would tell you my name but I've already given it to you like 5 times so I don't think it's worth telling you again. "

"Seriously? I'm so sorry. Just tell me again because I'm bad with names."

"Actually you're bad with people in general. You're only good with hot girls. And they don't particularly like you or you wouldn't have to learn a new one's name every week."

So anyways, this is my beef. I don't care if men are visual creatures. Whatever. I could care less. But PEOPLE should be nice to PEOPLE. Then when your eyes are opened suddenly to someone being hot to you, you can say " look amazing this week. I've never seen you this way before. We should do something." and not "Ummm hi..... I don't think we've met." If you have met and you don't remember it, you are starting off in a hole you may never dig yourself out of. Jerks. Seriously. I wonder if on the inside he knows he has been introduced and he really thought to himself that acting like we've never met was the intelligent way to start off if he couldn't remember my name. Major points could have been won back if he had opened with "I know we've met before a bunch of times, but remind me of your name again- I just wanted to tell you you looked pretty today. "

See. Is that so hard? Although in reality -why am I even trying? These people wouldn't be reading this blog as it has no pictures.


Amy said...

You're a better woman than I. I would probably have pointed out the 5 previous times we'd be introduced. What a JERK! Maybe him and the snobby house girl should hook it up! Oh, and old houses are charming. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I love that you called it "de-popcorning" my sisters and I always called it cottage cheese! I love that everyone has a food based name for it.

Alison said...

You're right. Even if men are visual creatures (which they majorly are), it doesn't excuse them from being nice. Gee. It's ok if certain things attract you, but seriously, treating people well can only help you out in the end and win you points with everyone. This guy needs to get a life.

Oh, and I love the "These people wouldn't be reading this blog as it has no pictures." Oh, snap!

WhiteEyebrows said...

the best is when they repaint from dark beige to light beige, and say they repainted their house.

Tamara said...

Erica, you're killing me. That was such a flashback to D-11 that I could almost smell the ever present over application of whatever men's fragrance was newly en vogue that week.

I still think you should have just let him have it, or just rolled your eyes and sauntered your well coiffed self away, but there's always next time (which, p.s., I so hope you blog about!)

Erika said...

Thanks for standing up for us normal, less-than-McMansion-but-so-much-more-peace-of-mind homeowners! And, WE--careful on the painting comment. I repainted my whole interior "Westhighland White" when I moved in. ;-D

The Moffitt's said...

Glad to see the singles ward hasn't changed...thus men haven't changed. My sympathies. :) Go for the quiet types...they're diamonds in the rough, I've found.

Rhia Jean said...

Yes, older houses are more fun...thank you Erica and Erika. And why are you and Alison not getting these winner of a guy's phone numbers for me? OMG!

Got Bombshell? said...

Sorry, I butchered the title of this post on my blog... Gave you an award, check it out!