I think I'm paranoid

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 |

Today's post my bloggy friends is about going "lady commando" aka bra-less. I know what you are all thinking....Yay! Erica's going to write a blog on boobs!

Let the fun commence. I have been working on putting in a tile backsplash in my kitchen. After training at work yesterday I put on my jammies and began the gross and horrible task of grouting the tile. It was even more awful than I could have imagined. I was about a third of the way through when I realized I would probably need another container of grout. It was 8:15 pm. I would need to make a quick run to Home Depot before they closed.

Here is where the critical decision was made. I was in jammies that were basically sweatpants and a tee. Why change? Yes I had taken off the bra for comfort but why go to the hassle of putting it back on just for home depot? I mean I would be in there 5 minutes max. And I was thinking ahead. I would put on a jacket to further cover up. No prob.

So I headed out with my fleece encased girls and walked in with a box of extra tile to return in my arms. The man at the return desk declined to help me and made me go to the service desk. Jerk. So I returned my tile and went and got more grout. As I walked down the main stretch to self-checkout suddenly JERK is back and in a very artificially cheery voice he asks how he can help me.

Waaaaaait. Weren't you the jerk who refused to help me? Suddenly all the paranoid thinking begins.....OH CRAP I had a box in front of me before. Is he suddenly being helpful because the has eyes with fleece-removing tractor beam vision? Was I walking with too much.....jiggle for my jacket to disguise?

In all likelihood the Jerk saw nothing but going lady commando made me so paranoid I was taught the valuable lesson to never do so again unless I wear a sumo suit or something.

Being lazy was just not worth the mental torture. I am just not a girl who was meant to be "free" .


Kristen said...

Beware of speed bumps... you'll give yourself another black eye