Why the Internetz Rock!

Thursday, April 2, 2009 |

So last night at work, I was sitting there chilling with my homegirlz and discussing an upcoming singles conference that one wants to attend with me. Fun! So one of the girl comes up with the idea that we should all try sped dating together. She asked us all if we had done it before and we all said no, so she said we needed to try it out together to see if it would work. 

So she tries to look up a speed dating service in Dallas to contact them later and get some info. And what does her search return to us? A list of local cheap motels. Literally. I can't remember what search engine she was using, but it came back with motel locations. We literally died laughing. 

I asked her if she had accidentally looked up "quickie" instead of "speed" but nope- I looked over her shoulder and it was speed dating in Dallas

I am personally scared by the idea of speed dating as it sort of forces you to quick judgements based on awkward first date conversation. I mean what are they gonna think of me?

Wow- she's a little chunky and she managed to fit a H of a lot of words in 60 seconds, some of which I think she intentionally mispronounced to sound more "ghetto". SCARY!

Those are things that someone will inevitable know about me, but do I want them to be the sole basis of a future date's decision? No.