More on my Millionaire Matchmaker obsession

Thursday, April 2, 2009 |

So...... you all know how I love to watch Millionaire Matchmaker? That show is CRACK I tell you!  Who the crap cares about watching people live together in a house, or work for Trump, or go to rehab, or try to date a perv rock star? People want to see total creeps try to date pretty girls who are willing to date them for their money........ and then see the creeps get ripped apart by Patty Stanger about their dating skillz or lack thereof. This is quality reality TV. 

This is Shauna the lady millionaire. 20 yr old male models are lining up!

The latest season has me in it's grip. There are women favorite one was Shauna, botox and restylaned into a shell of a tight face. And wanted to find herself an Ashton Kutcher. They then paraded all of these young hot studs(seriously-drool) in front of her and they all claim they like her and are into older women blah blah blah. Are you kidding me? YEAH- you're into an older woman who is as hot as Demi Moore. Are you into a woman whose face has been tightened and frozen and who already has skinny frail old lady body? Seriously? No -that's're into her money. Geez. I feel bad for women who can't read it when a man is lying. I mean Ashton didn't go looking for a hot mom to date. He just happened to meet Demi. Do you really think there are a ton of really really fine young men out there who WANT to be with a woman in her forties? I mean I know about the "cougar" thing but the women prey on them in that case. Or they are sick kiddos looking for a replacement mom. This is not a healthy form of relationship. And I feel the same about the reverse ....if men who are 50 think a 20 yr old hottie with her head on straight picks you as her first are mistaken. Ask just about anyone......"would you prefer to marry a rich man who is within 10 yrs of your age or a rich man with a 20 yr age difference?" They will pick close to their age. Now ask "would you date a poor man within 10 yrs of your age or a rich man 20 yrs older?" and the answers get all mixed up depending on the person. And the difference was MONEY.

I mean- why are all of these people OK with being paraded like meat in front of millionaires? Money! And they're just hoping to find a millionaire who doesn't look like a troll. Or maybe only a little like a troll. It is VERY rare to see a couple together on that show that I think would last if the millionaire lost all their money. 

The worst is that they pretend they aren't letting the millionaires "buy" a relationship. This is NOT like a dating in the real world. Or even like a normal matchmaking service. I mean- if they had real dating skills they would just date, and if they had a hard time meeting women they would join a normal dating service. They join Patty's service because they know that they will get to pick from a room full of perfect 10's who will all fake interest in them for the rest of their lives the way women in a dating service would not...because Patty's girls know they are millionaires. In a real dating service...these men could never find anyone without saying "I am rich".  And they would still get rejected by tons of women who could care less about your money if you are a robo-nerd or a creep. Patty weeds out the possibility that the women will reject you right off the bat. You have to work to prove to them the money isn't worth tolerating you. 

Occasionally there are pretty successful women in the 10's and I think they really are just trying to find men who are motivated and successful like they are, but they NEVER get picked although Patty sets them up sometimes for mini dates.  The creeps and the nerds always go for the airhead 20 yr old. I bet the normal millionaires who want to date a normal good woman are probably not on TV. I admit it would be more like watching a wedding story or a baby story on TLC if they showed normal men dating. Gag. Who wants to see normal people date? Not me. 
I am perfectly content to watch looneys buy themselves a date. Bring it on. 


Sarah said...

Ok...crazy millionairess episode was amazing!!!!!

I had my own millionaire matchmaker experience (not as the millonaire)

Alison said...

Ok, I was watching this show last night, and was thinking to myself, "Wow. Wow. Way to sell your soul. (Or if you're the guy) Way to engage in the trafficking of human beings." And these guys' personalities? *yawn* And I don't understand these girls. Why on earth, even if he has money, you have to spend time with him. Ugh.

Kristen said...

I so want to go on that show and laugh in some guys face and tell him what a social REJECT he is. They are disgusting human beings generally speaking, so I wouldn't feel bad about it.

But I do have to comment on your "parading the hotties" statement. I think the guy she picked to go on a date with looked like K-fed. Only he had less personality. It was actually hard to tell who had less personality, her or him. They were both dull bone bags, staring into each other's vacuous souls.... Gawd I love this show..

The Moffitt's said...

yeah i'm kinda sad we don't have that channel anymore. i do agree though about these guys not being "aware" of the girls true-ness, but they have real issues with how they see women anyway. they want a trophy wife, too late.