Further Evidence that Mean People Suck

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 |

So today I was minding my own business, driving along trying to go to the mall to avoid traffic. Yes- that is my justification. I could spend an hour shopping or and hour mad at people parked on 75. I chose the mall. So anyways....

I am driving into the parking lot and an elderly lady visibly limping/hunched over starts to cross the road in front of me. I stop to wait for her to cross the road and a dude in a silver mustang(that car is a WHOLE other blog topic) pulls up behind me. The car waits a split second and then lays on the horn. What the???!?!! I turn to look behind me in disbelief. SERIOUSLY??!!! I can't wait for the lady to cross the road?? Are you kidding me? The old lady stopped and glared in his general direction. 

Later I went home tonight and watched a TV show "What Would You Do?" for a special Dateline segment where they had a hidden camera to see if people would intervene in different bad situations.  What was awful to me was realizing the actors they hired to play the complete jerks were so accurate to real life. One of the situations was a baby left in a car in hot weather. I remember my dad laying into a woman at a Hobby Lobby parking lot when I was in high school. She was getting out and left her newborn in the car seat and like an 18 month old climbing around the seats and just walked off toward the store. He was all....um...excuse me but are you intending to leave your kids in the car? Of course she was and she then tried to lay into him for interfering a la Dateline. Never one to mince words when defending truth and right, I believe my dad used words like CPS and police, child abuse, jailtime, citizen's arrest, and foster care, and she got back in her car and drove off. 

I also was introduced by my dear sister to the joy of Jeana's son Shane on Real Housewives of Orange County. For any other non-watchers this charmer is a 21 yr old minor league ball player which puts him above the other kids in the series because he at least is pursuing a career-ish. His mom and little brother and another housewife friend flew to Chicago to see him play. So he wasn't in the original lineup so he texts his mother something to the effect of "Don't you %^&^come here or I'll kill you" . Her friend is HORRIFIED he talks to her that way and they go to the game anyways. It is a meet and greet for all the fans so they go to see him before the game. He screams obscenities at her in front of the small kid fans and storms off the field. Then after the game- he actually plays after a lineup change and is MVP. So at a celebratory dinner he tells people not to talk to his mother because she is loud and annoying and they need to teach her a lesson. Then he tells her that she is lucky he didn't hit her in the face with a bat for disobeying him and coming to the game. Then he tells her he wishes she were on life support so he could pull the plug already and get his inheritance and stop working. And he says all of these things with obscenities laced throughout in front of even more friends of hers and their small children and his girlfriend(what is she thinking??). I was so sickened by him. And what's worse  is his little brother is talking to mom that way too. 

My sister has a natural selection idea for cars where you install a paintball gun on cars so you can hit them when they drive like freaks and then you will be able to see the accident causers coming from their paint job. She also thinks you should earn your car with driving skills so that bad drivers get a used pinto etc. I LOVE this idea but I wish it worked for people too. I wish all of the jerks I saw today had gotten paintballed to mark them forever as the selfish evil people they are. 

It was a depressing day for humanity for me. I don't know how some people grow up to treat everyone so badly.  Can't people just live by the golden rule? How can you miss the "let old ladies cross the street" lesson? No one doesn't know that? And who A) cusses out their own mother and B) does it in front of her friends and little kids. Who doesn't know you don't drop f-bombs in front of kids?  I want to hit that Shane dude so bad right now. I guess violence would maybe make me one of them too though. 

I am just not one to sit down and let injustice pass me by. I am totally a girl with white knight syndrome. I am a defender of innocents. In elementary school I made a well-thought-out decision to punch out my little buddy across the street for trying to play dangerous stunts on my sister and his little sister. And I am NOT violent at all. I just knew it was his only form of communication so I was willing to get beat myself to show him he didn't scare everyone and I would fight back for the little kids. In high school I was a goody two shoes who only got in trouble really once for defending fellow students getting screwed over by an unfair teacher. My teacher I think was afraid to follow through and send me to the principal cause my case was so solid she WOULD have gotten busted. In college I threw out a roomie's boyfriend for treating her badly. 

Grrrrrrrr! Stuff like this just chaps my hide. I need to go watch some L&O and see some perps prosecuted. See some vicarious fictional justice. Dun Dun. 


Alison said...

In high school, I came up with a theory: almost all guys that drive mustangs and wear baseball caps at the same time are jerks. My theory has yet to be proven wrong.

Yeah, my "momma bear" comes out when random idiot strangers mess with friends. I turn into this weird, hostile individual (more than normal) and have no issues calling them out for being rude. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough for me to notice. :)

Gabby said...

Uhm.... I drive a mustang. So whatchoo saying??? *sniff*

Oh, and common decency has gone out the window for many people. And I would thin that a small part of that guy's behavior is because his mom let him get away with it at one point. If she had put her designer-shoe clad foot down when he was younger, then maybe there would be some respect. Just sayin'.

Allie said...

Well Gabby my love you are not a boy! Thankfully:D Most men who drive them are either in mid life crisis or think they are God's gift to earth, there are a few exceptions but I digress. Anywho sadly that mom could change things if she wanted, and or if she raised her kids, but sadly I bet she didn't I bet she had a nanny and a house cleaner, and she probably never worked, so I am just saying a little discipline goes a long way, Heaven knows if Leland trys that crap, he will know who he is messing with, I don't play nice when treated badly, and he will understand that from a young age. I however have the "mama bear" that tends to come out too often with people I don't even know, if you want to be rude and obnoxious take it to a private location, or I will tell you where to put it:D

Rhia Jean said...

Yeah, my mama bear comes out when it has something to do with kids or animals. If it's geared toward me, I have a tendency to just lie down and take it. Not the best quality to have, but it is what it is.

Erika said...

To help feel vindicated for the old ladies of the world, I refer you to whiteeyebrows post of Jan 16th--"Old Lady and Air Bag." It's priceless!

Wendell said...

Erica, if you want to have access to my blog, email me at surielder[at]yahoo.com