Politicians and the women who pretend to love them on CNN

Thursday, March 13, 2008 |

I really like meeting new people sometimes. Especially the opinionated and funny kind.

I have been in the ER this week for my rotations and it was a RIOT the morning Eliot Spitzer announced he would resign. And all because of two spunky ladies who were at the ER watching CNN in their room while waiting for the doctor.

For anyone who doesn't know the situation Eliot Spitzer is the Governor of New York and was caught hiring hookers with government funded credit cards (of course) spending over $80,000 and he resigned with his wife Silda at his side-who apparently suggested to him that he didn't need to resign. SOOOOO many things to say on this topic.

Anyways the ladies were watching CNN's breaking news. The first comment made was about how they would NEVER appear at a news conference to support a man who cheated on them. Then one says "WAIT ... I would attend the news conference....so I could turn and beat him down in public on TV as cameras rolled." Greatness.

Can you believe these political wives who stand by their men to be publicly humiliated? I think Hilary set the initial bad example for modern women. But oh my goodness what about poor Dina McGreevey who stood by her flamboyantly gay husband who was obviously going to be leaving her anyways if he was coming out. And now Spitzer's poor wife. The wives all look so miserable and wretched. Much more sick about what is happening than their husbands. It's so wrong.

And the Spitzers have 3 teenage daughters. The funny ladies said they should just drop out and get GED's because there's no recovering at your high school from that kind of embarrassment. Too true. I feel so awful for them.

But aside from the actual story, here was what was most horrifying about watching the news that morning - the awful commentary. CNN has GOT to hire more women to comment on political scandal. The men sounded like idiots. Complete idiots. Here's a list of the comments that I remember that I liked the most.

1) Eliot Spitzer is very intellectually smart, but not very street smart. Anyone who holds a public office in New York knows that you don't pay for hookers on a credit card.

2) All men have needs and the governor of New York just like every man.

3) The people of New York will love the new governor. He is a special man who really reaches out and touches people.......with his personality. (at least they realized that one was going bad)

My dad had a lovely politically based comment on the situation. Democrats keep getting caught using high priced hookers ...at least the Republicans look in bathrooms for free sex to save the public money. UG. Dad humor.

CNN does have a point however badly expressed. Anyone should know not to pay for things they shouldn't buy with a company credit card. I enjoyed how CNN's wording seemed to make it like Spitzer missed his HR orientation on how to pay for hookers. Priceless.

We commented in the ER how his wife must have only been out for power and money if she tried to get him to not resign and just go on like nothing had happened. You KNOW he needs to resign and he's cheating on you.....and in such a spectacular manner that she had to know he was getting it somewhere else. She must REALLY like saying "I'm the governor's wife" is all we could think.

YUCK. All of this just adds to the many reasons I hate politics and I hate cheaters.

I feel awful for people who get cheated on. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to try to patch things up. If there's no trust in a relationship what IS there? Forgiveness of that particular sin is a grace I hope I never have to develop because I'm not sure I could. I am guessing I would not be good with getting over"just looking at you every day makes me want to throw up /question my own value as a person" type of emotions. Not cool.

Moving on. I wonder what the divorce rate is for politicians' marriages while in office? And I wonder what the rate of adultery is? It seems to be all adultery and turning a blind eye to me. But of course it's only the squeaky wheel that gets on CNN to apologize.


Alison said...

I love "Dad humor." It warms my heart, and makes me groan in agony. :)

WhiteEyebrows said...

uh oh... I thought the dad joke was kind of funny... does that mean I'm becoming one of them?